09:05 Why is food so expensive?

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Food prices were 7.6 percent higher than in March last year, the highest annual rise in food prices in ten-years.The last time food prices rose so much in a year was July 2011  - that rise was 7.9 percent but was influenced by the rise in GST the previous year.Stats NZ recorded increases in every food price category it measures - the most dramatic - an 18 percent increase in the price of fruit and vegetables. Kathryn speaks with Stats NZ Senior Manager for pricing , social and population insights, Aaron Beck.

09:20 King Country school celebrates 'Big Picture Learning'

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Taumaranui High School in King Country has scrapped traditional class schedules- a move it says has significantly improved the learning outcomes of its students.  The school adopted the Big Picture Learning model five years ago, which builds each student's learning from their individual interests and passions. Kathryn speaks with Principal John Rautenbach, who says the school has been far less disrupted than others during the covid pandemic, and has gone from having one of the highest suspension rates in the region, to now no longer running detention at all.

09:30 Mum and 7 year old last day on Te Araroa

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Victoria Bruce and her seven year old daughter Emilie are about to reach Bluff having started walking Te Araroa trail last October. They've been raising money for the Mental Health Foundation and Federated Mountain clubs.They talk to Kathryn about their epic 2100 kilometre, 138 day adventure.

09:45 UK: PM under pressure to stand down after Partygate fines

UK correspondent Harriet Line joins Kathryn to talk about the fines slapped on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak for a birthday bash at Number 10 during lockdown. A life sentence has been handed down to Ali Harbi Ali for the murder of veteran MP Sir David Amess and Home Secretary Priti Patel is in Rwanda today to announce plans to send illegal immigrants who arrive in the UK to the African state

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10:05    Raised in the wilderness to global adventurer

Chris Long grew up in New Zealand's remotest family, living more than 42 kilometres from the nearest road. In his book, The Boy from Gorge River he writes about how the solitude of his extraordinary childhood in the southern wilderness of Gorge River has shaped his life. Now aged 30, it equipped him for a life of adventuring and doing a diverse range of jobs from the Arctic circle to Antarctica.


10:35 Book review: Tangata Ngai Tahu Vol 2, from the Ngāi Tahu Archive Team

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Jonathan West reviews Tangata Ngai Tahu Vol 2, from the Ngāi Tahu Archive Team, published by BWB

10:45 The Reading

Episode four of 'Let me Sing you Gentle Songs' by Linda Olsson.

11:05  Tech: Apple AirTags - a stalker's best friend? 

Technology correspondent Mark Pesce joins Kathryn to look at Apple's AirTags, a device that can turn every iPhone in the world into a detector for your lost luggage or keys - but they're also being used for nefarious means. A new report says a bug in Facebook's newsfeed algorithm was rating Russian state sources above others until it was picked up by the company's engineers. And how 500 drones Rick Rolled Dallas on April Fool's Day.

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11:25 Tips for Reluctant Readers

Primary school teacher-turned writer Aaron Topp talks about his latest Young Adult novel and shares tips on how to coax reluctant readers to pick up a book.

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11:45 Film & TV: Pachinko, Snack Masters, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Film and TV correspondent Chris Schulz joins Kathryn to talk about AppleTV's new show Pachinko, which spans generations and continents to tell the story of one woman from her birth in Korea in 1915, through the Japanese occupation, war and finally her move to Japan. He'll also look at new Kiwi reality show Snack Masters (TVNZ2) and tries to unravel new movie Everything Everywhere All at Once (in theatres).

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