09:05 ICUs under pressure

The Covid-19 outbreak is putting New Zealand's intensive bed capacity under increased strain and there's growing concern about the consequences of a wider and more significant outbreak of Delta in the country. There are approximately five beds for every 100-thousand people, placing New Zealand near the bottom of the OECD rankings.  Even when the health system is operating at normal levels without Covid-19, ICU can struggle to meet demand. Now, Auckland hospitals are asking other regions to send intensive care nurses, plus general nurses for MIQ facilities, to help with the outbreak. Dr Rob Bevan is the vice president of the College of Intensive Care Medicine and is an intensive care specialist at Middlemore Hospital. 

Health workers take part in ICU training for Covid-19 at Hutt Hospital.

Health workers take part in ICU training for Covid-19 at Hutt Hospital. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

09:30 Christchurch hotel gives back

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Christchurch's Hotel Give is the country's first social enterprise hotel, where all profits go straight back into the community to fund programmes for young people and others who need support. The Hereford Street hotel is owned by the YMCA, and will help to fund a youth technology centre, programmes for adults with special needs and disabilities, adult rehabilitation and a specialist fitness and wellbeing team. Kathryn talks with YMCA Chief Executive Josie Ogden Schroeder.

09:45 UK ponders relations with Taliban, nappy wars, Geronimo executed

UK correspondent Hugo Gye joins Kathryn to look at the questions the government faces over its commitments to Afghan civilians that worked with British soldiers during the 20-year war and whether it should establish relations with the Taliban. There are fears Covid case numbers could rise as school goes back after summer, a battle is brewing over a proposal for a tax on disposable nappies and NZ-born alpaca Geronimo loses his fight for a stay of execution. 

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10:05 Goldsmith artist Dorthe Kristensen: crafting new from vintage

Wellington goldsmith artist Dorthe Kristensen specialises in recycling clients' vintage gold and gemstones, creating new from old, while respecting the sentimental value of the original. Her gallery, Vilders, is well known in the Capital's Aro Valley. She's originally from Denmark but has made New Zealand home since 1999. Dorthe was trained in London and Copenhagen and describes her style as "organic with Nordic minimalism". She also runs night classes in her workshop for people who want to create their own pieces.

10:35 Book review: A Good Winter by Gigi Fenster

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Anne Else reviews A Good Winter by Gigi Fenster, published by Text Publishing

10:45 The Reading

Bare Necessity by Fiona Kidman read by Frances Edmond

11:05 Chinese gamers get time-limits, Windows confusion, troll creation

Technology commentator Bill Bennett joins Kathryn to talk about the decision by China to limit children's gaming time to three hours per week. There's confusion over an upgrade to Windows - and the company isn't making it any clearer. New research shows the internet didn't create trolls, it just helped amplify people who were already so-inclined. And Amazon has plans to build department stores - just what could they look like?

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11:25 Screen time, tantrums & sex ed: the most common parenting questions

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How much screen time should you let your children have? How and when do you talk about sex? What can you do when your kid throws a tantrum? Why should you let your children just play? Maggie Dent is the mother of four boys, a former teacher and counsellor who is one of Australia's foremost parenting experts, known as the "Queen of Commonsense". Her latest book is called Parental As Anything: Toddlers to Tweens, and she is also the host of the ABC podcast Parental as Anything.

11:45 Lockdown viewing: Vivo, Clickbait, Fear Street

Film and TV reviewer Laumata Lauano joins Kathryn to talk about new Latin-feel kids' movie Vivo (Netflix), eight-part thriller Clickbait (Netflix) and teen slasher film based on the books by R.L Stine, Fear Street Part One: 1994 (Netflix).

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