09:05 Aged Care Association supports mandatory vaccination

The aged care sector says it would support any moves by the government to mandate vaccinations for its work force.  The Health Minister continues to consider a move to mandatory vaccinations for front line health workers as 'a last resort'. However Chris Hipkins has confirmed he has asked for advice on whether to make vaccines mandatory for frontline health workers who come into contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases. Currently only border workers - people working at MIQ facilities, ports and airports are required to be vaccinated. Aged care facilities do not know how many of their health workers are vaccinated as it is still voluntary. Kathryn speaks with Simon Wallace, the chief executive of the Aged Care Association.

MIQ and border workers getting Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

Photo: Supplied / Ministry of Health


09:20 Pasifika community hard hit by Delta variant


Ōtara Covid-19 Testing Station on Thursday 13 August

Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

More than half of the current 148 community cases of the delta variant of Covid-19 are among Pasifika whanau. The Assemblies of God Church of Samoa in Mangere is the largest sub-cluster. Pasifika community groups and health services are rallying to offer support, as hundreds of other families deemed contacts are in strict self-isolation. Early on in the pandemic the Pasifika community was identified as high risk and vulnerable and there were calls for a broad roll out of the vaccine in South Auckland in particular. Dr Maryann Heather is  a GP at South Seas clinic in Otara and also a member of the Pasifka Medical Association. 

09:30 Historic ivory cabinet: destroy in interests of endangered animals?

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Photo: Supplied

A rare piece of art-history furniture featuring elephant ivory inlays could be destroyed because it arrived in New Zealand with the wrong paper work. Known as the 'Pompeiian Cabinet', the sideboard was made by Johann Levien for the 1862 Exhibition in South Kensington, London.  The cabinet was purchased by emerging Auckland collector Patrick Soanes, but it was seized by NZ customs because of incomplete paperwork when he had it shipped back to New Zealand.  DOC says it has seized the cabinet in the interests of protecting endangered species.  Under the Trade in Endangered Species CITES agreement, the options now are to remove the cabinet's two ivory figurines, destroy the piece or donate it to a museum such as Te Papa.  Kathryn discusses with furniture historian, Dr William Cottrell, and  DOC's National Compliance Manager Marta Lang.

09:45 Has Australia moved away from elimination, as Covid cases soar?

Australia correspondent Chris Niesche joins Kathryn to talk about the latest numbers from Australia's runaway outbreak, as politicians start talking about needing to live with Covid and Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticises New Zealand's strict approach. He'll also look at Australia's moves to get its citizens out of Afghanistan, and how moves by New South Wales to turn down the increasing summer heat will see dark roofs banned on the outskirts of Sydney.

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Photo: RNZ, AFP, UnSplash

10:05  Auckland carpenter's YouTube videos go global 

Scott Brown's youtube HOW TO videos are helping do-it-yourselfers around the country and overseas. It's a family affair, with partner, Jessica Bell's ideas and creativity reflected in the tutorials. They have more than 280,000 subscribers to their youtube channel and more than 50,000 instagram followers. Each film shows Scott at work  - tackling tasks, such as hanging a door, replacing house piles or building a floating shelf.


10:35 Second hand bookshop review: Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

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Photo: Viking Press

Mark Rogers from Bear Flag Books and Retro in Masterton reviews second hand bookshop favourite Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, originally published by Viking Press

10:45 The Reading

'She Cannot Work', written and read by Ashleigh Young, from her award-winning collection of essays 'Can You Tolerate This'. 

11:05 Music with Kirsten Zemke: The Great American Songbook

Kirsten Zemke joins Kathryn to talk about and play some of the most important and influential American popular songs from the early 20th century.

Kirsten Zemke is an ethnomusicologist at the University of Auckland's School of Social Sciences.

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Photo: Wikipedia

11:20 Don't assume our population is growing - demographer


Photo: 123rf

Every three years, local councils and territorial authorities produce long term plans, setting out priorities in the medium and long term for their area. The plans include information on what activities, goods or services a council wants to provide, why they're planning that, and what the price tag is. Paul Spoonley is a demographer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Massey University, and Honorary Research Associate with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He says some councils are making the wrong assumptions when drawing up these long term plans - particularly around population.

11:45 Science commentator Allan Blackman

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Photo: Wikipedia, CC BY 4.0

It’s physicist Ernest Rutherford’s 150th birthday on Monday, and Allan joins Kathryn to talk about why Rutherford should have won three Nobel prizes, and how he didn’t really split the atom. 

Allan Blackman is a Professor of Chemistry, School of Science, Auckland University of Technology.


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