09:05 Call for teachers to be trained in neuro-science to combat bad behaviour

A group of North Island principals say teachers need to be trained in the neuro-science behind learning and behavioural difficulties to stop disruption in the classroom and cut the numbers of children being suspended or excluded from school. The Mana Primary Principals' Association - made up of 30 schools - says there's not enough support for children with additional needs and the way teacher aides are funded needs a massive overhaul. They say it's time to ditch the current funding model with its contestable funds and limited hours and make it simple:  centrally fund teacher aides - just as teachers are. The Association also says having teachers and principals trained in trauma-informed practice and the neuro-science associated with learning and challenging behaviour would help reduce the incidents that often end with kids being removed from school. Joining Kathryn is Bryce Coleman, Paremata School Principal and President of the Mana Primary Principals' Association, Lynda Knight, principal of Glenview School in Cannon's Creek and president of the NZEI Liam Rutherford.

Kid girl hands holding puzzle jigsaw,  mental health concept, world autism awareness day

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09:20 Police admit "unacceptable" delays in firearm licence renewals

Police have admitted the ongoing delays in processing firearms licence applications and renewals are unacceptable and they are working on solutions to reduce the waitlist. Hunters have been frustrated by months-long delays forcing some to sit the season out. Police are working through a backlog of 8,788 firearm licence applications, and are asking people to apply for renewals at least four months ahead of the expiry date. However in answer to questions in parliament recently, the Minister of Police acknowledge that almost 5,000 applications have taken longer than six months to be processed. Kathryn speaks with Jevon McSkimming, the Deputy Commissioner of Police. 

050518 Photo: Richard Cosgrove / Fish & Game NZ
Opening Day of the 2018 water fowl season in Canterbury hunters in action on a pond in the Selwyn District

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09:45 PM's flat flap, NHS app for vaccine passport, self-drive cars get the all clear

UK correspondent Matthew Parris joins Kathryn to talk about the official investigation that's been launched into where money for an extensive refurbishment of the Prime Minister's flat came from amid claims from a former aide it was from donors. Northern Ireland's First Minister Adele Foster has called it quits, an NHS smartphone app is being developed for use as a vaccine passport, while 42-year-olds can now line up for their shots. And self-driving cars have been given the greenlight by the UK government - with some caveats.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street for PMQs at the House of Commons on 20 May, 2020 in London, England. o)

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10:05 Outspoken Maori health advocate Rawiri McKree Jansen

National Hauora Coalition clinical director Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen

National Hauora Coalition clinical director Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen Photo: STUFF/ Alden Williams

Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen is an outspoken advocate for Maori health. The Auckland GP is clinical director and leader for service design and development with the National Hauora Coalition - a clinical network of 57 GP practices, serving more than 230,000 patients across five District Health Boards. Until recently he has been on the Government's expert immunisation advisory group. Dr Jansen has links to Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Hinerangi on his mother's side, and his father's family hail from Denmark. He talks with Kathryn Ryan about his background, why he chose a career in medicine and his drive to improve Maori health outcomes.

10:35 Book Review: The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson

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Photo: Harper Collins NZ

Anne Else reviews The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson, published by Harper Collins NZ

10:45 The Reading

How to Hear Classical Music, part 8. Written and read by Davinia Caddy.

11:05 UK spy boss' warning over tech, ransomware payments skyrocket

Technology commentator Bill Bennett joins Kathryn to talk about the GCHQ chief's warning of the West's facing a "moment of reckoning" over cybersecurity, and the need for countries like the UK to build their own technologies lest other nations take control. Meanwhile ransomware payments have climbed 43 per cent since the end of last year - with attackers setting their sights on big corporations. And what happens when a computer program, used to prove you committed a crime, has a bug? Bill looks at the case of the UK Post Office.

Ransomware alert message on a laptop screen - man at work

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11:25 Family dynamics, juggling different personalities

Generic parenting pic

Photo: Pixabay

Sue Blair has been working with families for nearly 20 years as a family coach and parenting skills educator and she is also the author of The Personality Puzzles. Her particular specialisation is understanding the personality dynamics within a family. This includes how siblings with the same upbringing can be vastly different to each other and react differently to situations. Lack of understanding can lead to a break down in communication with children of any age, but Sue Blair says teenage years are usually the most challenging. So how can you harmoniously parent within a diverse household?

11:45 The Mosquito Coast, Handmaid's Tale and Doc Edge offerings

Film and TV reviewer James Croot looks at a remake of The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV+), based on a book by Paul Theroux. He'll also look ahead to season four of The Handmaid's Tale (Neon) and what's on offer this year at Doc Edge, with the full programme just announced.

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