09:05  Does vape legislation go far enough?

Vaping flavored e-liquid from an electronic cigarette in a car

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Under a new law passed by parliament last night, vaping will be banned in workplaces, and advertising and sponsorships related to vaping products will be prohibited, along with the sale of vaping products to those under 18 years old.  The bill also limits generic retailers such as dairies, service stations and supermarkets to selling only three flavours. The vape industry says it's relieved the law change doesn't go further. But public health professor at the University of Otago, Janet Hoek, says vape products should be restricted to specialist retailers only. Lynn also talks with Dr Stuart Jones, the medical director of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

09:20 Tracking Covid-19 through sewage 

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ESR started examining sewage for traces of SARS-CoV-2 back in April, and is now routinely sampling wastewater at one quarantine isolation hotel in Auckland. It's hoped sewage monitoring could eventually  help contain and mitigate virus outbreaks, should it leak out of quarantine and for future pandemics. Until recently the technique was mainly used for monitoring illicit drug use. ESR research scientist Brent Gilpin talks to Lynn Freeman about the progress being made.


09:45 More local lockdowns ordered, race to get schools open

UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins Lynn to talk about the new local lockdowns being ordered in the UK’s north, including Greater Manchester where people are banned from having sex if they’re from different households. There’s a race to get schools open in time for the new school year, which starts next month and Britain is poised to sign its first post-Brexit trade deal – but it won’t be with New Zealand.

A woman wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sits beneath a sign reading "What you can't see, Can hurt you", as she travels by bus in Manchester.

A woman wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sits beneath a sign reading "What you can't see, Can hurt you", as she travels by bus in Manchester. Photo: AFP


10:05 South Auckland Doctor tells stories of struggle and hope

Greg Judkins

Photo: Judkins' family collection

Decades of working as a GP has provided Greg Judkins with a wealth of health and wellbeing issues to draw on to create characters for his novel, Biopsies - stories of struggle and hope in South Auckland. It tells of people facing a range of difficulties, whether it be coping with social isolation, disability, or imminent death. Dr Judkins has been working in general practice in the suburb of Clendon for 37 years. In addition to his busy day job, he is a writer of poetry, short stories and fiction. 


10:35 Book review - In the Time of Foxes by Jo Lennan

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Photo: Simon & Schuster Australia

Bronwyn Wylie-Gibb of University Book Shop, Dunedin, reviews In the Time of Foxes by Jo Lennan. Published by Simon & Schuster.

Wonderfully crafted short stories, written with a fresh original voice. Like the foxes that appear - in many guises - through the collection, the stories are cunning, seductive, tricky and slightly disturbing.

10:45 The Reading

Where the Rēkohu Bone Sings #14, Tina Makereti.

11:05 Time ticks for TikTok, NZ launches algorithm code

Technology correspondent Sarah Putt looks at the situation with TikTok and why pressure from the US President has forced it to be put up for sale. Have people given up when it comes to protecting personal data online? And the government has released the "world's first" algorithm charter.

TikTok mobile video-sharing app company logo on phone screen with internet homepage in background.

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11:25 How might Covid-19 affect children in the future?

Psychologist Sarb Johal discusses how children are making sense of the Covid-19 pandemic and how parents are helping them, when they themselves may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure. Watch him discuss the importance of play here.

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11:45 Fashion's Front Row, INSIDE, Love on the Spectrum

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch joins Lynn to talk about a series of fashion documentaries airing on the Rialto Channel this month, INSIDE - a local thriller filmed under lockdown level 2 about a second wave of Covid-19, and Love on the Spectrum, which looks at what dating is like for those on the autism spectrum.

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