09:05 Will Hong Kong 'dialogue' restore calm or is it a trap?

More than one million people took the streets in Hong Kong to protest the controversial extradition law. Could AI help count the crowds more accurately?

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Hong Kong protesters have rejected Chief Executive Carrie Lam's offer to start a dialogue in a bid to heal the rift between the government and protestors, calling it a trap. Among the five demands of the protesters are the full withdrawal of the Extradition Bill and an independent probe into alleged police brutality. Kathryn Ryan discusses with Joshua Wong a Hong Kong student activist and secretary-general of pro-democracy party Demosistō. He first rose to international prominence during the 2014 Hong Kong protests, for his pivotal role in the Umbrella Movement. He has been jailed for his part in protests on two occasions.

09:20 Young people speak out on race unity

More diverse leadership in schools and safe social spaces for young people to gather are two key reccommendations to come out of a series of meetings attended by 150 young people on race issues held around the north island in March and May. The meetings were organised after the Christchurch mosque attacks by the Baha'i community, supported by the Federation of Multicultural Councils and the Human Rights Commission.  Kathryn speaks with Aidan Macleod from the New Zealand Baha'i Community and Zoha Shuaib - a young Kiwi Muslim, activist and writer from Palmerston North, who was the National Runner-up in the 2018 Race Unity Speech Awards.

09:30 The aromatics of wine

Wine Science lecturer Rebecca Deed says all a wine's faults can be detected from the aroma, you don't even need to taste it! Dr Deed is giving a free public talk at the University of Auckland's Raising the Bar event - From rotten eggs to passionfruit - the pungent world of wine sulfur compounds. 

Rebecca Deed

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09:45 Asia correspondent Julia Hollingsworth

Julia has the latest on the Hong Kong protests, and an admission from China about the detention of a British consulate employee.

Julia Hollingsworth is a digital news producer for CNN based in Hong Kong

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10:05 Beating the cyber bullies: Constance Hall

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With1.3 million Facebook followers and the seven children of her blended family to look after (aged 1-17) Perth business woman, internet sensation, blogger and Dancing with the Stars finalist Constance Hall talks to Kathryn Ryan about surviving and standing up to cyber bullying.  Most of Con's followers are mums - 'Queens' she calls them - who enjoy her sometimes controversial, blunt and honest blog about the very imperfect art of juggling family life.  But it's come at a price. She's suffered at the keyboards of cruel internet trolls.  Constance is in New Zealand giving a TEDx talk about on-line bullying in Christchurch on Sunday.

10:35 Book review - Wolfe Island by Lucy Treloar

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Melanie O'Loughlin of Unity Books reviews Wolfe Island by Lucy Treloar. Published by Picador.

Kitty Hawke is the last one left on her island home, the waters are rising and she lives a solitary life, until four young strangers arrive. An absolutely ripping read which helps us understand why some folks open their arms to help and others choose to keep their doors firmly shut.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Music reviewer Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor relives the Daisy Age of the late 80s-early 90s with a terrific new selection of hip hop, plus the fourth album from Bon Iver and a Paul McCartney live album recorded in a record store!.

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11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer - cricket & rugby

Brendan has been keeping an eye on the Ashes 3rd test and the Black Caps' 2nd test in Sri Lanka. Also the countdown is on to next Wednesday, when the All Black selectors will name the 31 strong Rugby World Cup squad. 

Bowler Jofra Archer celebrates


11:45 The week that was - hot pursuit of mobility scooter

Comedians Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther traverse a range of topics including - German finger wrestling, a mobility scooter pursuit in Timaru and reaction to Australia banning a popular zombie survival video game.