09:05 Brexit to Trexit? Commons leader quits after May holds on

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UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins us for the latest in British politics: leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom has resigned after Prime Minister Theresa May resisted pressure on her to step aside. Leadsom's resignation followed a backlash from Conservative MPs against Theresa May's Brexit plan - she's the 36th minister to resign under May's tenure. 

09:20 Toxic debate: Is methyl bromide use back on the table?

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Sixteen months out from a deadline to effectively ban the use of methyl bromide as a fumigant in the export log industry, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA is to undertake a reassessment of its use. It's an ozone depleting gas that's toxic to humans, and by October 2020 is only to be used in conjunction with recapture technology. An application for use of an alternative, ethanedinitrile or EDN, is still underway after 2 years - and while it's not as bad for the environment, it still carries risk in the way its used. Joining Kathryn is Don Hammond, chairman of industry group STIMBR, Soil & Health Association of NZ spokesperson and former Green MP Steffan Browning and Dr David McBride, an associate professor in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

09:30 15 years of the Pacific Music Awards

 In 2005 the Pacific Music Awards moved from under the New Zealand Music Awards and struck out on their own. What's changed within Pacific music in that time? Kathryn talks to someone who's been there from the beginning: Rev. Mua Strickson-Pua. He's a Trustee of the Awards and has seen a number of Pacific artists' careers take off.

Rev Mua Strickson-Pua, right, and in action at the Pacific Music Awards.

Rev Mua Strickson-Pua, right, and in action at the Pacific Music Awards. Photo: Pacific Music Awards Trust

10:05 The honey bus: A memoir from a girl saved by bees

Journalist and author Meredith May was just five when her parents divorced and her mother took them to live with her grandparents. As her mother retreated into herself, Meredith spent much of her time with her beekeeping grandfather learning about the secret life of bees. Only later did she realise what her grandpa was teaching her about bees were life lessons as well. Meredith joins Kathryn to share her passion for honeybees and looks at their imperilled state in a world of concrete and pesticides.

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10:35 Book review - Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson

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Phil Vine reviews Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson, which is published by HarperCollins.

10:45 The Reading

Lisa's Story  (from All this by Chance) by Vincent O'Sullivan read by Peter Hambleton. (#9 of 10)

11:05 One year on - the GDPR's unexpected benefit

Tech correspondent Mark Pesce looks at how legislation to tighten data protection in the EU has had an unexpected benefit to everybody - and what that might mean for the success of the Christchurch Call.

Padlock over a smartphone and EU map, symbolizing the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.

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11:25 Tips for raising independent kids

CEO of Spectrum Education Karen Boyes says the job of mums and dads is to ensure that kids can parent themselves by age 18 -  and that one day, they leave home! She says the path towards this starts as early as two years old.

Mature Parents Frustrated With Adult Son Living At Home

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11:45 Post-war movies: The Aftermath and Cold War

Film and TV reviewer Lara Strongman looks at post-war drama The Aftermath starring Keira Knightly, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgard and Cold War, a historical period drama film set in Poland and France between the late 1940s and 1960s.

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