09:05 Making the law fairer for separating couples

The Law Commission is pushing for changes to make sure things are even handed for both parties following a relationship split. Submissions  on the Commission's Review of the Property (Relationships) Act closed just before Christmas. Annually, the end of the holiday season also results in the breakup of many relationships. To look at what the law provides for, and what changes might be made, Auckland family lawyer, Jeremy Sutton and the law commissioner leading the review of the Act, Helen McQueen.

money and wedding rings


09:30 Ruby Island swim event attracts all ages

It's the season for open water swimming with waterways and beaches around the country well patronised over the last two months. There are also lots of water based events. This weekend there is Lake Wanaka's annual Ruby Island swim.  Event organiser, Eddie Spearing says it promises to be family friendly fun, as well as an opportunity for more competitive swimmers to better their time from last year.

And here's some footage of a previous Ruby Island swim.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

The '4,500 year old' stone circle that turned out to be a 1990s replica

The '4,500 year old' stone circle that turned out to be a 1990s replica Photo: Aberdeenshire Council

UK correspondent Matthew Parris on Theresa May's next Brexit move, the Londonderry car bomb, the aftermath of the Duke of Edinburgh's car crash, Jacinda Ardern's visit to Britain and the 'Druid' stone circle that wasn't!

10:05 Philanthropy helping Pasifika health

John Fiso is a Pasifika businessman and philanthropist dedicated to helping Pacific people who have significant health needs. He recently bailed out Pacific Health Services in Porirua, which has now become Pacific Health Plus. Through the Fiso Group's investment, healthcare for more than 2000 people in Cannons Creek has been secured.

John Fiso

John Fiso Photo: supplied

10:35 Book review - Best of 2018

Louise Ward from Wardini books shares her picks for the best NZ Children's books of 2018: The Fire Stallion
by Stacy Gregg, Whetū Toa and the Magician by Steph Matuku, and Between by Adele Broadbent.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Facial recognition algorithms: beware memes!

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Photo: Vimeo

Technology commentator Sarah Putt on the potential for age progression memes to be used to train facial recognition algorithms, is the internet destroying political models too - how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using social media to transform US politics, and DNA as a crime fighting tool under review.

11:25 Count on it: kids can love maths

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Photo: Supplied

Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Education at Massey University,  Dr Jodie Hunter talks to Kathryn Ryan about her work in Niue and South and West Auckland schools looking at maths in everyday living and culture, and how parents can help their children learn to love and understand maths by spotting patterns all around them.

11:45 True Detective S3 & Go South

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Photo: Supplied

Tamar Munch has been watching True Detective season 3 (on Soho and Neon), and local "slow tv" show Go South which aired last Saturday on Prime TV, chronicling the vast overland route from Auckland to the deep south.

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