09:05  Driving Dairy farming towards sustainability

dairy cows grazing in a field

dairy cows grazing in a field Photo: 123RF

The challenge of reducing the dairy industry's environmental impact, while at the same time making farms more sustainable. Tracy Brown is the chair the DairyNZ Environmental Leaders Forum and winner of the Sustainable Business Network's "Sustainable Superstar" award. She joins Kathryn to talk through the challenges facing an industry that needs to make huge improvements to its environmental practices quickly and at an unprecedented scale.

09:20 Reserve Bank eases lending restrictions

House sold sign, house auction sign, key.

Photo: RNZ / 123rf

Business Editor Gyles Beckford discusses the Reserve Bank's decision on whether to loosen lending restrictions for home buyers.

09:30 Instagram clamps down on fake accounts - Why?

Instagram logo.

Photo: AFP/ Anadolu Agency

Instagram has announced an initiative that will target fake likes and comments. The company said it has developed tools that identify accounts that use third-party services and apps to artificially boost their popularity. Such software has become popular among wannabe influencers who wish to inflate their popularity online, but there are growing concerns around their security. Kathryn talks with Dr Michael Daubs, Victoria University expert in interactive media about what this decision means for the company and users. 

09:45 More setbacks for Australia's PM

Australia correspondent, Karen Middleton reports on Scott Morrison being forced further into minority government after one of his backbench MPs suddenly quit his party to sit as an independent. There's also news of a successful seperation of Siamese twins and rugby woes for the Wallabies.

10:05 Kim Workman: Journey Towards Justice

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Dr Kim Workman looks back on his life: from his early career in the police, to becoming a prison manager,and finally to a passionate advocate for radical justice reform. Born to a Maori father and Pakeha mother and raised in rural Wairarapa, Dr Workman tells Kathryn his experiences in the police, prisons and the public service left him with growing concern about Crown-Māori relationships, racism, and the impact of the criminal justice system on victims and offenders. His memoir is called Journey Towards Justice.

10:35 NZ Books review - The Writing Life:12 NZ authors by Deborah Shepard

Louise O'Brien from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Books, reviews The Writing Life:12 NZ authors by Deborah Shepard, which is published by Massey University Press

10:45 The Reading

Ghost Dance written and told by the late Douglas Wright, episode 8 of 10 

Douglas Wright - Ghost Dance

Douglas Wright - Ghost Dance Photo: supplied

11:05 What are the cool kids listening to?

RNZ's Kirsten Johnstone reviews some new music podcasts including Broken Record by Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin, Disgraceland by Producer and writer Jake Brennan and Cocaine and Rhinestones.

11:20 Evotia Tamua's photography preserving Samoan culture

Evotia Tamua is a professional Auckland based photographer of Samoan descent. She sees photography as an art form which embodies and preserves culture. Evotia reflects on her childhood, when there were no photographs in her Mt Eden family home, of her grandparents who remained in Samoa. Her Mum said, 'we don't have photos of the family, because we are too poor'. That was the catalyst for Evotia striving to preserve her Samoan heritage.

11:45 What can a whale's ear wax tell us?

A blue whale

A blue whale Photo: miro3d/123RF

Science commentator, Dr Siouxsie Wiles has been looking at research in whale ear wax and what it can tell us about how stressful the whales found whaling. She also has more on research in to the link between obesity and smell and protecting our nearest and dearest from disease.

Associate Professor Dr Siouxsie Wiles is the head of Bioluminescent Superbugs Lab at the University of Auckland.