09:05 Bogus 'NZ' psychiatrist dupes NHS

A bogus psychiatrist who claimed to have qualified in New Zealand has been working as a consultant in the British medical system for 23 years. Zholia Alemi falsely claimed to have a medical degree from the University of Auckland, when in fact she only had a Bachelor's degree and failed her first year at med school. Phil Coleman is the chief reporter at the News and Star newspaper in Carlisle, Cumbria. He broke the story after covering a local court case, where Alemi was jailed for trying to rip off an elderly dementia patient's estate. 

Zholia Alemi claimed to have a medical degree from the University of Auckland.

Zholia Alemi claimed to have a medical degree from the University of Auckland. Photo: Cumbria Police

09:20 Best places to live in NZ. Livelihood vs liveability 

New research reveals what makes our  towns and cities good places to live and do business - but we can't always have both.  Kathryn Ryan talks to Motu Economic and Public Policy Research 's Arthur Grimes. 

09:35 Understanding youth suicide and self-harm

New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the developed world and half of young New Zealanders engage in non-suicidal self-injury, such as cutting. But any possible link between the two is poorly understood. A Marsden Funded research project aims to investigate this area and find out whether self harming thoughts and behaviour can predict suicidal thoughts and behaviour, and vice versa. Kathryn is joined by the research lead, Professor Marc Wilson from Victoria University.

Henry accessed Evolve Youth Service in the past.

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

If you or someone you know is affected by this story some support options are:

    Lifeline: 0800 543 354 - available 24/7
    Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO) - available 24/7

09:45 Nancy Pelosi's fate and California fire management raked

Democratic leader in the US House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Democratic leader in the US House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Photo: AFP

USA correspondent Susan Milligan with a wrap of US news including digging down into the mid term election results, a look at the future of the House Democrat Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and President Trump's inflammatory remarks on the California wildfires.

10:05 The Hazards of Space Weather

The sun with a coronal mass ejection happening

A coronal mass ejection from the Sun has the power to create a powerful geomagnetic storm that could disrupt power supplies on earth. Photo: NASA

Professor Craig Rodger is an expert on space weather and the impact that it can have on our lives here on earth. He is Head of Physics at the University of Otago and his research looks into what could happen if a solar storm disrupts human technology. His lectures are described as "unforgettable" by his colleagues with his high energy, dynamic lectures - putting complicated physics concepts into exciting language like zombie satellites and killer electrons. Professor Rodger joins Kathryn to talk about his research and the impact space weather could have on planet Earth.

10:35 Book review - Washington Black 

Phil Vine has been reading Washington Black, by Esi Edugyan. The novel was shortlisted for the 2018 Booker Prize. 

10:45 The Reading - Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance written and told by the late Douglas Wright, episode 2 of 10 

Douglas Wright - Ghost Dance

Douglas Wright - Ghost Dance Photo: supplied

11:05 Spark's 5G target, APEC & ASEAN

Business commentator Rod Oram discusses Spark setting a target date for starting its 5G mobile network. Also, the APEC and ASEAN summits are stark examples of the fast growing tensions between US and China, what is the impact on New Zealand?. And three notable NZ companies attract investment.

11:30 The Fight for NZ's Forests

The story behind the fight to save New Zealand's native forests and the people who championed the early conservation cause. Conservation foot soldier, Paul Bensemann, has written a history of the successful campaigns to save native forests in New Zealand from the 1960s.  His book, Fight For The Forests describes how a group of young activists became aware of government plans to mill vast areas of West Coast beech forest and began a campaign to stop it.

11:45 Radio Live Magic merge & Facebook fact checking

Media commentator Gavin Ellis says the merging of Radio Live with Magic is cost-cutting and frequency grabbing that shows a lack of innovative thinking at MediaWorks. And Facebook is planning a fact checking service in Australia before the federal election next year. Will it be too little, too late?

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz