09:05 Ruataniwha dam decision imminent

Ruataniwha Dam

Ruataniwha Dam Photo: SUPPLIED / Isthmus Group

The Supreme Court is due to make its ruling on the Ruataniwha dam at 10am this morning. Kathryn Ryan talks to Hawke's Bay councillor Peter Bevan about whether it's the final chapter of the dam's saga - or if there is more to come...

09:20 The danger of 'boys will be boys' 

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A visiting global expert on gender based violence, including issues around consent and rape culture, says the problem is more prevalent than statistics show or what 's reported. Professor Robert Blum, who's a UN advisor and consultant to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, is also calling out the 'boys will be boys' attitude as dangerous.

Professor Robert Blum has been in New Zealand as a guest of AUT South Campus to discuss adolescent development in vulnerable environments as part of its 'Communities that Thrive' initiative.

09:30 Voyage to discovery: drilling to diagnose slow slip earthquakes

Joides vessel IODP

Photo: Courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM

GNS and NIWA scientists are preparing to go on two voyages, joining the International Ocean Discovery Programme, onboard research ship Joides Resolution, alongside scientists from 26 countries worldwide to learn more about Hikurangi subduction earthquakes and slip behaviour. Drilling equipment onboard will take core samples from beneath the seabed and sensors are being inserted into bore holes to monitor activity on this slow-slip subduction zone. Kathryn Ryan speaks with NIWA principal scientist Phil Barnes and project leader at GNS Science Laura Wallace, who has recently held a series of hui with East Coasters about the project.

09:45 UK correspondent Geeri Peev

UK correspondent Geeri Peev reports on Grenfell tower, three weeks on from one of Britain's worst tragedies in living memory and looks at the extent to which Theresa May's authority is unravelling. Also, a new survey has surprising results on the preferred Tory leader.

10:05 Leo Houlding: adventure climber

BASE jumping from a mountain top deep in the Arctic circle, going undercover through military checkpoints deep in in the Venezuelan jungle and racing Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson to the top of a 400 meter cliff face. Leo Houlding's career has been nothing if not varied. Kathryn Ryan talks to the adventure climber, who is in New Zealand as a keynote speaker for the NZ Mountain Film Festival.

10:35 Book review

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New technology

Kathryn Ryan speaks with Sarah Putt about the potential of the Internet of Things in New Zealand, encryptions, and a restructure for Microsoft.

Internet of things, Rakon, file photo

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11:25  Why does every second teen seem to have anxiety?

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Educator, researcher and parenting commentator Nathan Mikaere-Wallis of X Factor Education discusses the prevalence of anxiety among teens, and what's causing it.

11:45 TV Review

Paul Casserly has been watching the new local chat show, Banter, and the gastric bypass comedy documentary, Wilbur: The King in the Ring.

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