09:05 Rio Olympics: corruption, police brutality and forced evictions

In just 6 months Rio de Janiero will host the summer Olympics... amid an economy in freefall, a wide ranging corruption scandal and a president facing impeachment.

And now community organisations in Rio are urging major reform of the way the Olympics are hosted - saying in their city it has lead to the destruction of entire communities, widespread police brutality and increased corruption.

The Rio based NGO, Catalytic Communities works with people of Rio's Favela's or slums, and has grown so concerned by the impact of the games that it set up the group, Rio Olympics Neighbourhood Watch to report on issues such as forced evictions and police violence

Its Executive Director Theresa Williamson is a Rio based urban planner.

09:20 The Revival of the bookshop

At a time when bookshops are closing their doors in the face of online buying, we talk to one bookshop that is bucking the trend.

Three years ago the University Bookshop Otago was in the red to the tune of over 200 thousand dollars. But it has turned things around by changing the way it does business and connects with the local community, and is now making a healthy profit.

Phillippa Duffy is the General Manager of University Book Shop

09:30 Conspiracy theory theorist, Rob Brotherton

Rob Brotherton is a psychology professor at Barnard College in New York and in his recent book, Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories, he seeks not to debunk or support conspiracy theories .. but to understand what about them is so attractive to people.


09:45 Europe correspondent, Seamus Kearney

Seamus Kearney reports on the German chancellor facing increasing pressure over migrants, the French drug trial that went horribly wrong and the EU's unprecedented probe against Poland.

10:05 The New Zealand-born director of Paris art fair FIAC, Jennifer Flay.

Jennifer Flay is the New Zealand-born gallerist who transformed a dying Paris art fair into one of the best in the world.  When she became director of  Foire International d'Art Contemporain  - broadly translated as international contemporary arts fair - in 2003, it was its thirtieth birthday and there were headlines about whether its commemorations were a "birthday or funeral". When Jennifer Flay took over, she was still recovering from a car accident that almost killed her... it had left her in a coma with a broken neck, head injuries and many months of recovery. She'd lost her home, the contemporary art gallery she had set up  - and in her journey to repair her life, she picked up the FIAC, determined that it too, would thrive. And it has. It's now one the world's most important international art fairs with 182 participating galleries at 2015's festival. And for her efforts in putting Paris back at centre stage on the contemporary art scene Jennifer was awarded France's highest decoration in October 2015, the Legion d'honneur.

10:35 Best Books of 2015

Ralph McAllister reviews:

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, Flood of Fire by Amitar Ghosh, A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, and A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills

11:30 Star Wars Inspired Food: The Forks Awaken!

The seventh film in the Star Wars science-fiction series is inspiring UK Chef, Andy Kelly to put his Jedi art and culinary skills to good use. The galactic gourmet has created puddings such as a Millennium Falcon zabaglione parfait and a gin and tonic lightsaber.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy Warne reports on what the year holds by highlighting important anniversaries including the 100th anniversary of the arrest and trial of Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana, the quadricentennial (400th anniversary) of Shakespeare's death, the 50th anniversary of Botswana's independence, the centenary of the formation of the US National Parks Service and the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!