09:05 Finance Minister warns of massive infrastructure bill for dilapidated schools

The woeful condition of many schools classrooms and how the government plans to deal with the problem. The finance minister, Bill English has outlining a 30 year infrastructure plan saying fixing existing schools may have to take precedence over building new ones. Phil Harding is the immediate past President of the Principal's Federation. He discusses the state of many schools around the country.

0920: Are "Big Tobacco" companies trying new cynical ways to market cigarettes to teens?

A tobacco giant is trying to use freedom of information laws to obtain data from surveys of Victorian schoolchildren and teenagers revealing their attitudes towards smoking.  Todd Harper is the Chief Executive Officer of the Victoria Cancer Council in Australia.

09:30 Random acts of kindness through baking - Ninja Baking Drop

Next weekend about 250 nominated people around the country will get an anonymous gift of baking. Auckland woman Joyce McDonald, set up the weekend treat-giving - called NZ Ninja Baking Drop - to take her mind off some of the big events over the past year in her own life. A mother to a two-year-old, her husband was seriously injured in a quad bike accident and a cousin was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. She figured that there were others who would welcome something nice happening to them and through a Facebook page and website has got over 350 people volunteering to bake - and about 250 nominations of those who could do with a random act of sweet kindness.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Kiwi dogs and their people

Dog photographer and animal rights advocate, David Darcy has photographed dogs of all descriptions, all over the world, for the past 12 years. He began at home in Australia, taking pictures of iconic Australian dogs - a best-selling book Mongrel Country was to follow. There have been many more hugely popular books, and now David Darcy has turned his lens on New Zealand dogs and their owners. He travelled the south to north and coast to coast meeting those with four legs and two. His book Kiwi Dogs and Their People has just been published. David Darcy is also a keen advocate of animal rights and has worked with a number of animal welfare organisations, including Vets Beyond Borders, photographing their work in India, where they treat, vaccinate and de-sex slum dogs.

10:35 Book review: Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J Ryan Stadal

Reviewed by Sonja de Friez, Published by Headline.

10:45 The Reading 'Breathing Out' a short story by Sarah Quigley read by Helen Jones

A woman's visit to a dying male friend in hospital stirs up memories of a relationship that might have been.

11:05 New Technology with Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews, the chief executive of the Institute of IT Professionals discusses the implications of the TPP on the tech sector, including whether it will impact on innovation in the sector.

11:25 Parenting - Sick children and when to go to the doctor

Dr Leila Masson is a paediatrician who has written a guide on how to care for a sick child, when to seek help and advice and how to confidently support your child through an illness: Children's Health A-Z for NZ Parents (Bateman). Dr Masson has a Master of Public Health from Harvard, training in nutrition and environmental health and an interest in disease prevention through healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

11:45 TV review with Paul Casserly

Paul Casserly reviews TVNZ's Sunday Theatre: How to Murder Your Wife; Smashed Palace, a new NZ reality show set in a wreckers yard on the volcanic plateau (The Box Mondays 9pm); and High Maintenance - (Vimeo).

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Artist: Louis Armstrong
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Artist: Maala
Song: Touch
Composer: Maala
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Artist: Big Mama Thornton
Song: Hound Dog
Composer: Leiber / Stoller
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Artist: Laura Marling
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Song: Turn Away
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