09:05 Christchurch furious that Air NZ has pulled last direct flight from Asia to the city

Vicki Buck is the Deputy Mayor of Christchurch.

09:08 Is Air New Zealand abandoning regional airlines

Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington.

09:25 Pet shops speak out on puppy mills

The industry body for pet shops speaks out on the issue of puppy farming. Yesterday on the programme we discussed growing concern that online selling allows puppy mills to thrive, whereby dogs are bred intensively for commercial gain. TradeMe is working with animal rights groups to introduce new guidelines so that breeding histories are provided and animals for sale are micro chipped.

Tony Fraser is on the board of the Pet Industry Association which represents about half of the country's pet shops and has decades of experience as a pet shop owner. Peter Dunne is the Director and Secretary of the NZ Kennel Club.

09:30 Is our obsession with anti-bacteria hand soaps doing us more harm than good?

Scientists say the widespread use of the anti-microbial Triclosan is damaging the environment and driving antibiotic resistance. Dr Louis Trembley is a ecotoxicologist at Nelson based Cawthron Institute.

09:40 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

09:52 Otago locals sceptical over police inquiry on sheep deaths

Concern from locals in rural Otago over a police investigation into the case of 215 sheep found dead on two Ngapara farms in June last year. Police say the sheep were killed by dogs, but locals are questioning that. Inspector Jason Guthrie is the Otago Coastal Area Commander.

10:05 How not to talk to your children - when should parents praise their children and how should that praise be given?

Carol Dweck is a Stanford University psychologist specialising in what motivates people and she says telling kids they're "smart" is one of the worst things people can do.

Professor Dweck's research shows that reinforcing the idea to students that they've achieved something because they worked hard means they are more likely to try harder and perform better.

10:35 Book review: 'A Place Called Winter' by Patrick Gale

Published by Headline. Reviewed by Louise O'Brien.

10:45 The Reading: 'The Dwarf Who Moved' by Peter Williams QC

Observations and anecdotes from the life of New Zealand's pre-eminent criminal defence lawyer. (Part 7 of 8, RNZ).

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Billy Idol

Billy Idol began his career fronting late 70s punk band Generation X, releasing three albums and a handful of catchy hit singles before heading out on his own in the early 1980s. Billy quickly became a staple on MTV thanks to groundbreaking videos like White Wedding and Rebel Yell. The music was pretty good too and along with guitarist Steve Stevens, Billy became one of the biggest stars of the 80s. But Billy’s partying ways finally caught up to him in the 90s and he barely survived the decade. He’s now back in form and has released his latest album, 'Kings & Queens Of The Underground', with Stevens back in the fold. Billy Idol performs at Auckland’s Vector Arena Wednesday night along with 70’s rockers Cheap Trick.

1. Your Generation – Generation X taken from 1977 single (Chrysalis)
2  White Wedding  – Billy Idol taken from 1982 album, “Billy Idol” (Chrysalis)
3. To Be A Lover – Billy Idol taken from 1986 album, “Whiplash Smile” (Chrysalis)
4. Postcards From The Past – Billy Idol taken from 2014 album, “Kings & Queens Of The Underground” (BFI)

11:30 Employment Law with Charles McGuinness

Charles McGuinness is an employment lawyer with DLA Phillips Fox. Today he discusses zero hour contracts, and the case of a local authority which has been granted an interim injunction against a former worker who posted a tell all video online.

11:45 Science commentator, Siouxsie Wiles

1. Glowing tampon test!
2. Speaking of glowing…. Bioluminescent mushrooms!
3. Should parents let children have a sip of alcohol?
4. How to make an unhackable password - the solution is called Diceware.