09:05 DoC head on report that says department is "frustrated, confused"

A new report into the structure of the Department of Conservation has found the organisation is confused and frustrated. Lou Sanson is DoC's Director-General.

09:20 What policy changes will Andrew Little usher in?

Andrew Little speaks to Kathryn about his policy priorities as new leader of the Labour party.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

10:05 Why humans turn to the spiritual in tough times

Dr Joseph Bulbulia studies why people turn to religion and how their interaction with their chosen belief system affects their behaviour, their health, their ability to recover from adverse events and their interaction with others. He uses modelling usually used in biological studies to give firm statistical information on how someone's spirituality influences their lives.

10:35 Book review: 'Emma' by Alexander McCall Smith

Reviewed by Harry Ricketts. Published by HarperCollins, RRP$34.99

10:45 The Reading: 'Up the Olive Tree' by Venetia Sherson

The adventures of a former newspaper editor who spends a few months each year working as a WWOOFer (willing worker on organic farms) in Italy, sharing the joys of the season with an assortment of colourful employers and fellow WWOOFers (3 of 5, RNZ)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Hunters & Collectors

One of the most important bands to emerge out of the Australian post-punk scene, Hunters & Collectors formed in 1982 combining a love of Krautrock and funk along with good old fashioned Aussie pub rock. Led by front-man Mark Seymour, and featuring a horn section, the band carved out their own unique musical niche while recording classic athems like Throw Your Arms Around Me and Holy Grail. The band finally called it a day in 1998 but eventually reformed in 2009. In addition to opening for The Rolling Stones in Auckland, they will play their own headlining show at The Powerstation this week.

1. Talking To A Stranger – Hunters & Collectors taken from 1982 single (Mushroom)
2  Throw Your Arms Around Me – Hunters & Collectors taken from 1986 album, 'Human Frailty' (Mushroom)
3. Holy Grail – Hunters & Collectors taken from 1993 album, 'Cut' (Mushroom)
4. Do You See What I See – Hunters & Collectors taken from 1995 album, 'Living In Large Rooms And Lounges' (Mushroom)

11:30 Legal responses to online attacks

What are your rights when someone attacks you on a blog, Facebook or Twitter? Nick Russell from Chen Palmer discusses online attacks.

11:45 Arts with Mark Amery  

Young Country book coverArts commentator Mark Amery discusses the creative employment of New Zealand's photographic heritage, with a focus on the recently published book Young Country by poet Kerry Hines published by AUP, which is also currently the subject of an exhibition at public gallery Mahara in Waikanae. The book brings together the remarkable images of New Zealand from the 1890s of amateur photographer William Williams, capturing the artist's laddish social scene, both theatrically and intimately, and a landscape changing dramatically – strewn with fallen trees and burnt bush.   

Mark Amery also asks how well our rich photographic heritage represented publicly, and some innovative ways artists are bringing the past into the present.

Gallery: Young Country

Music played in this show

Artist: Erin Cole-Baker
Song: Morning Spell
Composer: Cole-Baker
Album: Talon & Spur
Label: Private
Time: 09:20

Artist: Aloe Blacc
Song: I Need a Dollar
Composer: Dawkins
Album: Good Things
Label: Stonesthrow
Time: 10:06

Artist: The Broods
Song: Bridges
Composer: Nott, Nott, Little
Album: Evergreen
Label: Private
Time: 10:46