09:05 National and Labour Education spokespeople debate the issues

Hekia Parata, National's spokesperson on education and Chris Hipkins, Labour's spokesperson on education.

09:40 Political commentators Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton on Judith Collins resignation

Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton on the circumstances that led up to the resignation of the Justice Minister, Judith Collins, at the weekend. 

The Prime Minister has announced he'll be holding an inquiry into Ms. Collins' conduct – though he says it won't go any wider than her office – and he'll be announcing its terms of reference this week.

10:05 Europe correspondent Carsten von Nahmen with the latest on Ukraine

Europe correspondent Carsten von Nahmen Head of News & Current Affairs for Deutsche Welle in Germany.

10:15 Rally driving and hill climbing legend Rod Millen

Rod Millen, is a former NZ champion rally driver and successful vehicle manufacturer. He was New Zealand's rally car driving champion in 1975, 76 and 77 and then moved to the US. His love of cars and off road driving began as a young man in search of the surf. To get to the best spots usually involved negotiating some rugged terrain and metal roads. A career in driving and racing then morphed into building up a very successful vehicle manufacturing business, modifying rally cars and winning US military contracts to develop a range of cutting edge vehicles. Rod and his wife Shelley spend their time split between California and New Zealand these days. His book is The Cutting Edge: The Story of Kiwi Motorsport Legend Rod Millen, published by Random House.

10:30 Book review: New Zealand's Historic Samplers: Our Stitched Stories by Vivien Caughley

Reviewed by Lisa Finucane, published by Bateman.

10:45 The Reading: 'The Call of the Wild' by Susy Pointon

Mimi persuades her husband and family that buying an old farm will give them a new lease on life. (Part 1 of 2)

11:05 Radio NZ's Political Editor Brent Edwards on the Judith Collins inquiry

11:30 Sean Hughes, former Chief Executive of the FMA

On the blog attacks.

11:35 Adam Feeley, Former SFO head

On the allegations of a smear campaign against him.

11:48 Fatal shooting at Ashburton WINZ office

The Police have confirmed two people have been killed and one is seriously injured after a gunman opened fire at Ashburton's Work and Income Office. We are joined by Radio NZ Christchurch reporter Belinda McCammon, Stu Oldham; editor of the Ashburton Guardian and Ashburton Mayor, Angus McKay.