09:05 Rocket attacks on Israeli cities, air strikes on Gaza

Kate Shuttleworth is a New Zealand journalist who is working as a freelancer across Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. She is currently based in Jerusalem. Dan Williams is a Reuters correspondent reporting from Jerusalem. Fares Akram is a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza.

09:20 More details revealed about New Zealander killed in drone strike

Paul Mayley is the National Security Correspondent for The Australian newspaper, who broke the story about the New Zealander killed by a drone strike in Yemen last year.

09:30 Google starts enforcing the new "right to be forgotten" online

Dr Paul Bernal is a lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law at the University of East Anglia Law School, and a specialist in data privacy issues.

09:45 Australia with Fairfax correspondent Peter Munro

10:05 Emma O'Reilly on whistleblowing about Lance Armstrong's drug use

Emma O'Reilly worked for four years as a soigneur to disgraced drug taking cyclist Lance Armstrong. What she found within the US Postal cycling team was a culture of drug use, where riders hooked up to intravenous drug bags, and she found herself covering up Lance Armstrong's needle marks with her own makeup. She also disposed of used needles and smuggled pills across borders for Armstrong. In 2000, she quit her job, unable to accept the drug culture any longer, but Emma O'Reilly held her silence for four years, before telling her story to journalist David Walsh for his book LA Confidential. Lance Armstrong then launched a vicious attack on his former staffer and naming her in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. She has written a book about her experiences, called The Race to Truth.

10:35 Book review: The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakri Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe by Romain Puertolas

Reviewed by Phil Vine, published by Vintage, RRP$36.99

10:45 The Reading: The ACB with Honora Lee by Kate De Goldi

Based on her own family's experiences of dementia, Kate de Goldi has created a warm quirky tale about the particular special alliance between the young and the very old (3 of 5, RNZ)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Sia

Australian artist Sia Furler started making noise at the beginning of the millennium, not down under, but in the UK with her post-trip hop single Taken For Granted and her contributions to the chilled sounds of downbeat duo Zero 7. Since then Sia has been on an incredible roller coaster of a ride with her own career.

1. Taken For Granted – Sia taken from 2000 single (Long Lost Brother)
2. Destiny – Zero 7 taken from 2001 album 'Simple Things' (Ultimate Dilemma)
3. Soon We’ll Be Found – Sia taken from 2008 album 'Some People Have Real Problems' (Hear Music) 
4. Chandelier – Sia taken from 2014 album '1000 Forms Of Fear' (Inertia)

11:30 Employment law with Charles McGuinness

The case of the employee who was being given "a few beers" for working on a Saturday, instead of his normal wages. 

11:45 Science commentator Simon Pollard

Two recent studies which may provide insights into how language evolved, and an insight into how our ancestors got big brains and developed tools. 

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