09:05 Big tobacco's latest attempt to sway MPs against plain packaging

Dr Axel Gietz is Imperial Tobacco's Director of Group Corporate Affairs.

09:20 The Boko Haram abduction: Why did Nigerian authorities fail to act despite warnings? 

Amnesty International's Nigeria researcher, Makmid Kamara – who has interviewed  witnesses, local authorities, politicains and military officials following the Boko Haram attack in Chibok, and revealed that the government and military were warned ahead of the attack but did not act.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

Dame Ann reports on the death of a young cancer patient who raised millions for charity.

10:05 Feature: Scottish author Irvine Welsh

Scottish author Irvine Welsh is known for his grimy dialogue and raw depiction of the darker side of life. His first novel, Trainspotting was made into a critically-acclaimed film. He is a guest at the Auckland Writers festival, where he'll be discussing his latest book The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins, which he describes as swampy Floridian lesbian noir, and the challenges of adapting the page to the big screen.

10:30 Book review: Lost for Words by Edward St Aubyn

Reviewed by John King, published by Picador.

10:45 The Reading: The Virgin and the Whale by Carl Nixon

A nurse looks after a returned soldier whose head injury has reduced him to an animal-like state with no memory. (Part 4 of 10).

11:05 New technology commentator Erika Pearson

Erika Pearson discusses how snap chats don't always disappear, and technical problems with LAX air traffic control.

Snapchats don't always disappear
LAX air traffic control ran out of memory
The 21stC prosthetic

11:20 British comic book creators Lawrence and Robin Etherington

British comic book creators and graphic novelists the Etherington Brothers on appealing to children who are reluctant to read.

Etherington Brothers

11:45 Film review with Dan Slevin

Dan Slevin reviews Godzilla, Chef and Sunshine on Leith.