09:05 Claims ACC releases to employers full case files of job applicants, and employees

Helen Kelly is the President of the Council of Trade Unions; Karolin Potter, a Christchurch community board member and Justice of the Peace; and Ben Thompson, an ACC lawyer.

09:20 Does NZ law allow DNA samples to be taken too easily?

Dr Nessa Lynch is a senior lecturer in the School of Law, Victoria University. She teaches and researches in the area of criminal law and sentencing as well as youth justice. She is working with Dr Liz Campbell on a three year review of collection and retention of DNA from suspect in New Zealand.

09:20 Does NZ law allow DNA samples to be taken too easily?

Dr Liz Campbell, senior lecturer in criminal law and evidence at the University of Edinburgh. One of her areas of research is DNA databases.

09:45 Australia with Fairfax correspondent Peter Munro

10:05 Australian cartoonist, artist and writer Michael Leunig

Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig whose work depicts the fragility and follies of the human condition - and our relationship with the natural world. His latest book The Essential Leunig: Cartoons From A Winding Path is published by Penguin.

Michael Leunig will be appearing at the Auckland Writer's Festival in May.

Gallery: Images from The Essential Leunig: Cartoons from a Winding Path

Leunig Thing Are Great
The Essential Leunig: Cartoons from a Winding Path by Michael Leunig, published by Viking, rrp. $60.00.

10:30 Book Review: Capital: A Portrait of Twenty-First Century Delhi by Rana Dasgupta

Reviewed by Quentin Johnson, published by Text, RRP $42.00.

10:45 The Reading: We'll Always Have Paris by Witi Ihimaera read by James Kupa

Will is talked into driving Aunt Lulu to Tauranga but her loose grasp on reality has him pretending to be all sorts of people. (Part 1 of 2)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week: Flip Grater

Marty Duda will feature the music of New Zealand singer-songwriter Flip Grater. Christchurch native Flip Grater has just released her fourth album. Pigalle is named after the district in Paris that she was living in when the album was recorded. A restless soul, Flip has made a point of getting out of her comfort zone and traveling the world searching for inspiration for her songs. The independent musician is also an author, publishing a series of "Cookbook Tour" journals that combine her love of music, food and travel.

1. Long Awaited Sigh (2:47) - Flip Grater taken from 2006 album, "Cage For A Song" (Maiden)
2. Why Wait (2:58) - Flip Grater taken from 2008 album, "Be All And End All" (Maiden)
3. Careful (3:30) - Flip Grater taken from 2010 album "While I'm Awake I'm At War" (Maiden)
4. The Quit (3:59) - Flip Grater taken from 2014 album, "Pigalle" (Maiden)

11:30 Does NZ need a supermarket ombudsman like in the UK?

Hayden Wilson heads Kensington Swan's Wellington-based Government and Regulatory practice.

11:45 Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles

Engineering body parts and the future of local anaesthesia.