09:05 Fears Agresearch will lose vital science staff

Concerns that Agresearch will continue lose vital scientific minds as it pushes ahead with a major relocation of staff to two large hubs, despite stiff opposition from scientists and farmers.

09:20 Fears Agresearch will lose vital science staff

Former Minister of Science under Labour, who is now fighting the Agresearch restructure plans.

09:30 Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study

Carlos Arturo Camargo Jr., MD, DrPH, is an attending physician in the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine. He is also a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Harvard Medical School. He has recently been appointed the new chair of the Expert Scientific Advisory Group for the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) longitudinal study.

09:45 Middle East correspondent, Francesca Borri

10:05 Feature: Angela Kane - the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

The UN's Disarmanent head, who lead the difficult and tense negotiations on the ground in Syria over the country's use of chemical weapons.

10:35 Book review: Red Joan by Jennie Rooney

Reviewed by Gail Pittaway, published by Vintage.

10:45 The Reading: Blindsight by Maurice Gee

A satirical take on contemporary New Zealand society and politics. About love and relationships, power and the past, it's loaded too with spin; political, social, and literary. (Part 6 of 12)

11:05 Political commentators Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton

11:30 2013 Masterchef winner Aaron Brunet and his first cookbook

Aaron Brunet won Masterchef in 2013, and has just released his first cookbook Cook With Me.

He shares a recipe for Hot Plate Pizza

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Explores Santa Cruz Island, one of the eight Channel Islands (not to be confused with Santa Cruz, the city in California).

Gallery: Santa Cruz Island

Red-dirt road heading west on Santa Cruz Island
Red-dirt road heading west on Santa Cruz Island

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