09:05 Malaysian Airlines disappearance - families talk about legal action

Mary Schiavo, former head of the US National Transportation Board and aviation lawyer.

09:30 How the latest sustainable energy technology will change our lives, and our behaviour

Oxford professor, Dr. Malcolm McCulloch, is the head of the Energy and Power Group at the University of Oxford. The focus of the EPG is developing, and commercialising sustainable energy technologies. Malcolm's work has included a hydrogen-powered sports car, smart meters, tidal turbines, and driverless vehicles.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Feature: David L Pawson - Senior Research Scientist at the Smithsonian specialising in echinoderms (starfish and sea urchins)

David L Pawson was part of the pioneering Victoria University deep sea research team in the 1950s, and is now a senior research scientist at the prestigious National Museum of Natural History, at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. His expertise is echinoderms, such as starfish and sea urchins.

Gallery: David Pawson

10:30 Book review with Crystal Beavis

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. Published by Michael Joseph

10:45 The Reading: Best Feet Forward by David Hill

A series of stories about five, ‘over sixties’ who meet every Sunday morning to walk together. As they walk, they talk, canvasing their thoughts and worries, achievements and failings. (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 New technology commentator Sarah Putt

Discusses how the Internet Party is using an app to register members.

11:20 Parenting - Down Syndrome

Greg and Katrina Sneath are a Wellington father and daughter. Katrina is an 18-year-old who is in year 13 at Onslow College. She was recently recognised in the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association National Achievement Awards for her NCEA achievements.

11:45 TV reviewer Nick Grant

Discusses the current state of Internet TV, and the 10th birthday of Maori TV.