09:05 Claims a supermarket chain is demanding retrospective payments from suppliers

Pierre van Heerden, chairman of the Food and Grocery Council; and Rod Oram, business commentator.

09:25 Saving the BA degree

Paul Spoonley, Pro-Vice Chancellor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University; and Robert Greenburg, Dean of Arts, Auckland University.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Feature: Nigel McCrery - screenwriter and author

Nigel McCrery is best known as creator of two of the BBC's biggest hits Silent Witness and New Tricks. He is also the author of novels and non-fiction books ranging from the Second World War to the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege. His latest book is called Into Touch: Rugby Internationals Killed In The Great War.

10:35 Book review with Gyles Beckford

Stay Alive by Simon Kernick. Published by Century,

10:45 The Reading: An Extraordinary Rendition by Steve Danby

The Mt Tarawera eruption of 1886 may have buried a certain royal personage. If this is so, and the fact was covered up, the legal and political ramifications of the truth being revealed would have far reaching indeed. (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 Dave Chambers, Managing director of Progressive Enterprises

Progressive Enterprises on claims a supermarket chain is demanding retrospective payments from suppliers

11:15 New technology with Sarah Putt

The challenges ahead for Microsoft's new CEO, the rise and demise of Flappy Bird, and Internet access in hotel rooms.

11:30 Parenting - dealing with fussy eaters

Dr Cath Conlon, from Massey University College of Health, specialises in maternal and childhood nutrition.

11:45 Media commentator Lara Strongman