09:05 Prime Minister set to unveil education changes

Andreas Schleicher is the Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General of the OECD. He is frequently referred to as "Mr PISA" from his work in designing and analysing the outcomes of the OECD's assessment of 15 year-olds.

09:25 The Atrocity Forecasting Project

Ben Goldsmith is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. He is the chief investigator of the Atrocity Forecasting Project, which suggest that models for predicting genocide and politicide could help to anticipate and prevent outbreaks of mass violence.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Lewis Hyde - US poet and cultural critic

US writer and scholar Lewis Hyde has been called "one of our true superstars of nonfiction." His 1983 book The Gift has been singled out as an inspiration by writers from Eleanor Catton to Margaret Atwood.

10:35 Best Books of 2013 as selected by Rae McGregor

The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett
The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas
Five Days by Douglas Kennedy

10:45 The Reading: The Night Book by Charlotte Grimshaw

A satirical take on contemporary New Zealand society and politics. About love and relationships, power and the past, it’s loaded too with spin; political, social, and literary. Read by Michael Hurst. (Part 4 of 12)

11:05 New Technology with Sarah Putt

The prospect of tech issues becoming a major election issue and Google's purchase of Nest.

11:30 Parenting with Douglas Choong - maths

Douglas Choong is a year 5/6 teacher from Mellons Bay School in Auckland. He was nominated by the parent of one of his pupils for the Warehouse Stationery's New Zealand's Most Inspiring Teacher programme and came runner-up in the Primary School division. He loves teaching maths and helping make the subject less problematic for children.

11:45 Television reviewer Nick Grant

The Dr Blake Mysteries, Keeping It Pure and Love/Hate.