09:05 Highlights and lowlights of the 2013 year

Sports commentator Richard Boock, media commentator Gavin Ellis, business commentator Rod Oram and political commentators Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams wrap up the major stories of 2013.

09:30 Andrew Fifita-Lamb ran 160km in homemade jandals

48-year-old Auckland father of 6 completed the 160 kilometre round the mountain race in Taranaki - wearing only homemade jandals.

09:45 Launch of the Gaia project

The Gaia space observatory was launched last week by the European Space Agency . It mission: to compile a 3D space catalogue of approximately 1 billion stars. Professor Gerry Gilmore of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge is the principal investigator on The Gaia Project.

10:05 Big Year interview: Eleanor Catton

New Zealand author Eleanor Catton whose second novel, The Luminaries, won the 2013 Man Booker Prize.

10:40 Music review with Jeremy Taylor

11:05 Highlights and lowlights of 2013

Outdoorsman Kennedy Warne, urbanist Tommy Honey and comedians Pinky Agnew and Te Radar look back on the year that was.

11:20 The world's fastest talking female

The world's fastest female talker Fran Capo who was in NZ recently as a guest of 2degrees

11:35 The saga of Toronto mayor Rob Ford

With Steven D'Souza, a CBC correspondent based in Toronto.

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Song: Unbelievers
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Song: Walk Us Uptown
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