09:05 Swimming pool law changes

CEO of Water Safety NZ Matt Claridge.

09:25 The CEO of the NZ Venture Investment Fund on its performance over the last decade

Franceska Banga has been CEO of the NZ Venture Investment Fund since it was set up in 2001.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Mark Donaldson - Australian SAS soldier

Australian SAS soldier Mark Donaldson was the first VC winner for that country since 1969.  He tells us about the fire-fight in Afghanistan in which he earned the honour.

10:35 Book review with Quentin Johnson

Cook by Rob Mundle
Published by ABC.

10:45 The Reading Fish 'n' Chip Shop Song, a short story by Carl Nixon

A busy Friday night in a fish 'n' chip shop. The owner's daughter dreams of what she might be missing out on as she serves the customers

11:05 New technology with Sarah Putt

Battle of the consoles – Xbox One vs Playstation 4; the sale website Click Monday; and the government to appoint a Chief Privacy Officer who will oversee privacy and security issues across all government agencies.

11:30 Parenting - Kids, cliques and powerplays

Nicole Price is the author of Y do U H8 Me. Nicole is interested in how children get on in their peer group, what cliques are and why they form, and how to empower children to fight their own battles at school.

11:45 TV reviewer Nick Grant

TVNZ's new season and its launch.

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