09:05 Principals want more powers to combat cyber bullying and keeping schools weapons-free

Patrick Walsh, former president of the Secondary Principals' Association who has surveyed principals about the misuse of social media and wants schools to have more powers to crank down on cyber bullying and those who share recordings of physical and sexual assaults.

09:30 Innocence Project

Bridget Irvine, law and forensic psychology graduate, who is the research co-ordinator for the re-formed Innocence Project New Zealand.

09:45 Australia correspondent Peter Munro

10:05 Feature guest: Ian Brown - cyber security expert

Ian Brown is Associate Director of Oxford University's Cyber Security Centre and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute.

10:35 Book review with John King

Stuff I've Been Reading by Nick Hornby
Published by Viking

10:45 The Reading: The Writing Class by Stephanie Johnson

Read by Alison Quigan. A few feathers have been ruffled as merle makes her creative writing students share their work.  But it seems that for one or two - the chemistry may not be confined to their words. (Part 8 of 12)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The trio known as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club formed in the late 1990s when high school buddies Robert Been and Peter Hayes, both from San Francisco, hooked up with British drummer Nick Jago. The band's music is heavily influenced by the droning, distorted rock of The Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Jago left the group about five years ago but Been and Hayes have carried on, with their two most recent albums among the band's best. They are touring New Zealand this week, with shows in Wellington and Auckland.

1. Love Burns (4:06) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club taken from 2001 album, "B.R.M.C." (Virgin)
2. Devil's Waitin' (3:51) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club taken from 2005 album, "Howl." (RCA)
3. Beat The Devil's Tattoo (3:47) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club taken from 2010 album, "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" (Vagrant)
4. Let The Day Begin (4:06) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club taken from 2013 album, "Specter At The Feast" (Vagrant)

11:30 Law with Robert Lithgow

11:45 Science commentator Simon Pollard

Conspiracy theories.

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