09:05 Aviation safety

Tim Burfoot, chief investigator of TAIC; Graeme Harris, director of Civil Aviation Authority; and Dale Webb, president of Aviation Industry Association.

09:20 Should the Liverpool Care Pathway for end of life care be reviewed in New Zealand after a damning report from the UK?

Dr Rod MacLeod was the first professor in palliative care in New Zealand, and worked as a medical specialist in palliative care in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.  He is now the conjoint professor in palliative care at the University of Sydney; and Dr Simon Allan is the Director of Palliative Care at Arohanui Hospice in Palmerston North.

09:45 Asia correspondent Jamil Anderlini        

10:05 Alice Gorman - space archaeologist

Alice Gorman is an archaeologist who specialises in the material culture of space exploration, from its origins in the 1930s through to the present. Her particular focus is orbital debris, or "space junk", including historic satellites. Her aim is to contribute a cultural-heritage perspective to international agreements on reducing the orbital debris problem.

10:35 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

The Beginner's Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Paul Adamson       
Published by Random House 
ISBN 978-1-77553-512-6

10:45 Reading: Growing Up, a short story by Dan Davin

Read by Ken Blackburn

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Matthew Bannister covers The Beatles' Revolver; Olivier Libaux covers Queens of the Stone Age; and a vinyl reissue of Elvis Costello's Brutal Youth.

Artist: One Man Bannister
Songs: Taxman (Track 1), Tomorrow Never Knows (Track 14)
Comp: Harrison
Album: Evolver
Label: Powertool

Artist: Olivier Libaux
Song: No One Knows (Track 4)
Comp: Homme/ Olivieri/ Castillo/ Lanegan
Album: Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age
Label: Cartell

Artist: Elvis Costello
Song: You Tripped At Every Step (Track 6)
Comp: Costello
Album: Brutal Youth
Label: Warner Bros/ Music On Vinyl

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Boock

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Elisabeth Easther

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Jherek Bischoff and David Byrne: 'Eyes'
from Jherek Bischoff's 2012 album Composed