09:05 The government's shake-up of child protection laws

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett defends the government's proposed changes which include allowing the courts to impose greater restrictions on convicted child offenders, as well as adults who don't have convictions, but are believed to pose a serious risk to children. Parents who have seriously abused or killed a child will have to prove they are safe to parent again if they have another baby, reversing the onus of proof that currently lies with the state.

09:30 Claims the Education Ministry is failing children with Auditory Processing Disorder

Bill Keith, an Auckland audiologist with Sound Skills, specialising in Auditory Processing Disorder; and Sue Woods, an Auckland mother whose son with APD has been declined funding by the Education Ministry.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

Chief Political Correspondent for SBS reports on the latest events from the Federal election campaign trail.

10:05 Bruce Plested - Mainfreight founder

Bruce Plested started Mainfreight with just over $7000 and one truck 35 years ago. The NZX-listed company is now a global logistics business with more than 5,500 staff in 18 countries.

Ready, Fire, Aim: the Mainfreight story by Keith Davies, published by Random House, RRP $44.99

10:35 Book Review with Gail Pittaway

Red Winter by Dan Smith
Published by Orion, RRP $37.99

10:45 Reading: 'A Platform, a Particle and our Whimsical Condition' by Alice Miller

Runner-up in the creative non-fiction sectrion of the Royal Society of New Zealand's 2012 Manhire Prize for Science Writing. A poetic contemplation of the whimsical nature of life as we know it, the search for the fundamental particle and the need for acceptance that the fundamental principle is chaos itself. Read by Michele Amas

11:05 Marty Duda's Artist of the Week

English singer-songwriter Laura Marling released her first album while still a teenager. Endowed with a husky voice and a gift for building quirky, hooky folk songs (characteristics that found her compared to artists like Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, and Martha Wainwright), Marling quickly made a name for herself throughout England thanks to a heavy touring schedule and some high-profile gigs Her second album I Speak Because I Can was nominated for the Mercury Prize and her third album A Creature I Don't Know found further critical acclaim. In 2012 Marling moved to California and has collaborated with producer Ethan Johns on Once I Was An Eagle, which was released a few weeks ago.


1. Ghosts (3:00) – Laura Marling taken from 2008 album Alas I Cannot Swim (Virgin)
2. Hope In The Air (4:32) – Laura Marling from 2010 album I Speak Because I Can (Astralwerks)
3. Sophia (4:51) – Laura Marling taken from 2011 album A Creature I Don’t Know (Virgin)
4. Master Hunter (3:16) – Laura Marling taken from 2013 album Once I Was An Eagle (Ribbon)

11:30 Media law commentator Ursula Cheer

In-court media coverage.

11:45 Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles

Potent carcinogen lurking within certain traditional Chinese remedies.