09:05 The boycott against the next stage of National Standards in schools

Teachers and school principals are objecting to new software that teachers will have to use from 2015, the 6-million-dollar Progress and Consistency Tool, or PaCT, which will help them decide if children meet the standards. Phil Harding, Principals' Federation president.

09:20 Visual effects industry

Workers in the visual effects industry speak out about the long hours and lack of employee rights – and why they think the big studios are making the situation worse

Scott Squires,  VFX industry veteran; and Sebastian Marino, former computer graphics superviser at Weta Digital,  who then founded his own company, The Thingamajig Laboratory in Wellington.

09:45 Africa correspondent Nkepile Mabuse

Nelson Mandela's health and the looming Zimbabwe election.

10:05 What are the challenges of exploring for oil and gas in environmentally-sensitive areas?

Mark Myers, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dr Mark Myers is an internationally-recognised leader in energy and science policy. He's a geologist and was the former director of the US Geological Survey (nominated and appointed by George W. Bush); and he was the first Alaska Natural Gas Inducement Coordinator (appointed by then-governor Sarah Palin).

He was in NZ to speak at ENEX, an oil and gas event in New Plymouth on 6-7 June.

10:35 Mediaworks, the owner of TV3, goes into receivership

Fund manager and commentator Brian Gaynor discusses the implications of Mediaworks going into receivership. KordaMentha will oversee the receivership of the company and its subsidiaries, including TV3, FOUR and RadioWorks.

10:45 Reading: Wulfsyarn by Phillip Mann

The epic tale of the fate of the The Nightingale, the largest and most sophisticated spaceship ever devised by human or alien intelligence. 

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams

11:30 Food – Duck hunting

Lisa Ewart and Matt Pearce, duck shooting enthusiasts from The Tin Hut in the Wairarapa.


11:45 Off the Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne

A magnetic attraction to poles; stratispheric dreams – extreme internet from the "cloud"; and extreme life cycle-cicadamania in the US north-east.

Music played in this show

Dimmer: 'Getting What You Give'
from the 2004 album "You've Got To Hear The Music"

Rumer: 'P. F. Sloan'
from her 2012 album "Boys Don't Cry" (it's a cover of Jimmy Webb's 1970 recording)