09:05 The website that allegedly offered essays for cheating students

NZQA chief executive Karen Potasi; and Lesley Francey, Tertiary Education Union National president.

09:30 Māori astronomy

Dr Pauline Harris, astrophysicist and astronomer who's working on the revitalisation of Māori star lore – how did Māori and other societies used the sun, stars and planets to track time? Pauline is speaking at a Matariki evening at Wellington's Carter Observatory at 7pm on Wednesday 19 June.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

10:05 New Zealand sculptor Paul Dibble

Among Paul Dibble's works is The Southern Stand, which is the New Zealand Memorial, in Hyde Park,

Paul Dibble: The Large Works, published by David Bateman Publishing

10:35 Book Review with Rae McGregor

Paris by Edward Rutherford
Published by Hachette NZ

10:45 Reading: 'Whale Pot Bay' by Des Hunt read by Rob Mokaraka

(Part 9 of 10)

11:05 New Technology with Erika Pearson

Facebook users desert Facebook in droves; Pew Internet Survey - Teens and Privacy; and Digital Detoxing.

11:20 Parenting with Janet Tuck

How to talk to your teen about their career. Janet Tuck is a career specialist and director of Career Clinic.

11:45 Media commentator Nick Grant

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