09:05 Christchurch property owners' insurance

Emily Walton, Insurance partner at Wynn Williams; and Glenn Taylor, South Island Property Council head.

09:20 Special Schools

Dr Jude MacArthur, independent researcher based in Dunedin, working in the area of education and disability for Massey University; and Trish Grant, Director of Advocacy, IHC.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

10:05 Big year interview: Engineering entrepreneur Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley set up Buckley Systems Limited in 1978 which has gone on to be a world leader in electromagnetic technology. His machines are used to prepare 90% of the world's silicon chips, which are used in almost every piece of modern technology from flatscreen TVs to iPhones. He talks about his life's work, operating a highly successful international business from New Zealand and his plans for solar energy in the future.

10:35 Book Review with Louise O'Brien

The Sacrificial Man by Ruth Dugdall
Text Publishing

10:45 Reading: A Christmas Wish by Shirley Eng

Trish has her seldom seen and much cherished grandchildren staying at Christmas time when fate intervenes and changes everything.

11:05 Business correspondent Rod Oram

Fairfax's sale of Trade Me and the Superannuation Fund's purchase of Datacom.

11:30 Impaired driving

Gerald Waters has set up a charitable trust, Researching Impaired Driving in New Zealand, on behalf of the friends and family of Katherine Kennedy who was killed by a recidivist drunk driver in 2010.

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett 

The Hobbit, Polisse, and Graeme's picks for best of the year.


Music played in this show


David Bowie and Bing Crosby: 'Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy'
from a Bing Crosby Christmas TV special in 1977

Eartha Kitt: 'Santa Baby'
from 1953