09:05 Who should pay what when it comes to leaky homes

Paul Grimshaw, Auckland lawyer who has represented hundreds of leaky home-owners.

09:20 Gaza conflict - ceasefire has just come into effect

Nicole Johnston, Al Jazeera English Gaza correspondent.

09:40 Men who have been affected by breast cancer striking a woman in their lives

Peter Calder’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He is putting together a book that will record the experiences of the men whose lives are affected by the breast cancer that has struck their partner, mother or daughter. The free book will be published by the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

Peter can be contacted through the Foundation's website

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Angy Rivera - the life of undocumented Latinos in America

Angy Rivera is a 22-year-old undocumented Latino involved in a campaign for immigration rights for illegal migrant youth in the US.

10:35 Book Review with Phil Smith

New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani
Published by Text Publishing

10:45 The Reading: The Trouble with Fire by Fiona Kidman

A series of short stories by Fiona Kidman.

11:05 New Technology correspondent Sarah Putt

The Novopay round up; how to get away with stuff online; Windows 8 phones on sale in New Zealand.

11:30 The history of children's homes and orphanages in Hawke's Bay

Kay Morris Matthews is Research Professor Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Trades at the Eastern Institute of Technology. She's written a new book on the history of children's homes and orphanages in Hawke's Bay.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis    

Coverage of Labour's leadership; and the use of surveys in the media.

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