09:05 The publication of controversial national standards data

Lorraine Kerr, president of the School Trustees Association; and Geoff Lovegrove, principal of the decile 3 Lytton Street School in Manawatu.

09:20 National standards data confirms boys are lagging behind girls at primary school

Massey University education professor Michael Irwin is the author of the book Educating Boys: Helping Kiwi Boys Succeed at School and the organiser of two national conferences on boys' education.

09:35 Youth unemployment pilot

Marion Short, CEO of the Foundation for Youth Development, which has just launched a pilot of their new Career Navigator programme at a high school in Manurewa in Auckland.

09:45 Africa correspondent David McKenzie   

10:05 Eowyn Ivey - Author of The Snow Child

10:35 Book Review with Phil Vine

Hope Street, Jerusalem by Irris Makler
Published by HarperCollins, $36.99

10:45 Reading: Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones

The tale of a destitute mother's courage,  told in fragments by those who encounter  her as she crosses Europe in search of  her child stolen from her  soon  after its birth. (Part 11 of 12)

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Josie Pagani

11:30 Guest chef Simon Bryant, from Adelaide, Australia

Asparagus and Black Garlic with Quinoa

Pea Rice Pancakes

Where to get black garlic

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Living small.

Shrink to Fit, the New York Times
Efficiencies wanted, The New York Times