09:05 What could the Waitangi Tribunal - and the courts - decide about who owns water?

Alistair Bisley, Chairman of Land Water Forum; and Tom Bennion, former Waitangi Tribunal legal advisor, Treaty lawyer.

09:30 Why aren't girls and single women funded to store eggs or ovarian tissue, if they're facing cancer treatment that could make them infertile?

Dr Andrew Murray is from Fertility Associates in Wellington.

09:45 Middle East correspondent Irris Makler

The elections in Libya, Syria's lastest killings, and will Yasser Arafat's body be exhumed amidst poisoning claims.

10:05 Feature guest - Chris Kemp on the search for ambergris

Ambergris is produced by a small proportion of sperm whales, and washes up in smelly, tarry lumps on coastlines. Journalist and molecular biologist Christopher Kemp had never even heard of it until one day a large lump of an unidentified white substance washed up on Breaker Bay in Wellington. So began a journey that has taken Chris across the globe and into contact with some interesting and at times shady characters.

10:35 Book Review with Rae McGregor

The Bicycle Book by Bella Bathurst
HarperCollins/Fourth Estate
ISBN: 9780007305896

10:45 Reading: Beach Theatre, by Tessa Duder

A peaceful afternoon at the beach is disturbed by some unwelcome visitors. Told by Jane Waddell.

11:05 Political commentators with Matthew Hooton and Josie Pagani

11:30 Guest Chef Darren Wright

Cured Salmon with Avocado and Horseradish Cream, Fennel and Orange Salad

Green Lipped Mussels with Coconut, Coriander and Lime Broth

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Smart cars for the sighted; smarter footwear for the blind

Stopping in a hurry, The Economist
Footwear for the blind, The Economist