09:05 Should courts be given the power to ban child abusers and killers from having more children?

The Minister of Social Development Paula Bennett says Cabinet is considering allowing judges to direct parents who have a conviction for murder or serious child abuse or neglect, not to have any more children. If they do, the children would be removed at birth. The proposals are part the Government's white paper on vulnerable children.

09:20 Reaction to Government suggestions that courts could be given the power to ban child abusers and killers from having more children

Simon Rowley, Auckland Hospital paediatrician.

09:30 Are we wasting too much food because of strict adherence to best before dates?

Professor Phil Bremer - head of Food Science at Otago University.

09:45 UK correspondent Ann Leslie

10:05 Richard Hil - author of Whackademia: An Insiders Account of the Troubled University

Richard Hil is senior lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, Tweed Heads. In his new book Whackademia, he claims that academics are burdened by bureaucracy and that their independence is being eroded by universities more focussed on money than academic excellence.

10:35 Book Review with Graham Beattie

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend
Published by Michael Joseph

10:45 Reading: Packing It In by Norman MacLean told by Peter Hayden (Part 3 of 4)

Monty's foreign holiday without his wife has some drawbacks.

11:05 New Technology with Donald Clark

World IPv6 Launch, Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, and American lawmakers and officials are continuing to give the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) the “hands off our Internet” signal ahead of a key meeting of the body late this year.

11:30 Brigid Gallagher - archaeology/heritage issues

Brigid Gallagher discusses an excavation she is involved in.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, a Facebook exchange in which a PR person complained because a journalist solicited examples of complaint about her client's service, and the revamp of the Listener magazine.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis