09:05 Adventure tourism safety questioned by bereaved UK family

Geoff Ensor, advocacy manager for Tourism Industry Association NZ; Paul Chaplow, former head of Outdoors NZ, and member of Labour Department review panel looking into adventure tourism sector; and Keith Gallaher, the head of the Parachute Industry Association, which is the governing body for the majority of NZ skydiving operations.

09:30 Push to get more people to suppor the local film industry

Jamie Selkirk, Academy award-winning film editor, and co-founder of Weta - Jamie Selkirk, who is throwing his weight behind a move to get more people to see local films.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

10:05 Agustin Fuentes - how apes and monkey can reveal fascinating aspects of the human condition

American primatologist and biological anthropologist Agustin Fuentes at University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

10:35 Book review with Rae McGregor

Beastly Things by Donna Leon
Published by W Heinemann

10:45 Reading: The Larnachs by Owen Marshall (Part 9 of 12)

The pressure of maintaining the deception is beginning to take a toll on both Conny and Dougie, while William is depressed and out of sorts with all around him.

11:05 New technology with Sarah Puttthe

The launch of a new ISP called FYX, as well as the problem with data pollution and whether tablets will rule the world.

11:20 Feature guest - Eoin Colfer

Eoin ColferEoin Colfer is a former primary school teacher. The Irish author is best known for his young adult fantasy series, Artemis Fowl. The first book about the adventures of teenage criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl was published in 2001, and the eighth and final book will be out in July this year. He has summed up the series as "Die Hard with fairies".

Eoin is in New Zealand for the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival as part of their schools programme.


11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Some of the submissions to the Law Commission on media regulation in the digital age.