09:05 The significance of treaty provisions in the State Owned Enterprises Act

Richard Orzecki, Maori Council deputy chairman; and Brian Gaynor, Milford Asset Management

The Maori Party is threatening to walk away from its deal with the National Party over the removal of a Treaty of Waitangi clause as part of the state asset sales' plans. The Government intends selling minority stakes in four energy companies but says it can't impose existing Treaty of Waitangi obligations on private sector purchasers.

09:30 The man spearheading the fight to clean up Northland's waterways from farm run off

Millan Ruka, chairman of the Environment River Patrol Northland Trust; and Joe Carr, chair of Northland Regional Council's Environment Management Committee.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

Australia's richest woman – a mining magnate, who appears to be moving to own/run Fairfax; the looming showdown over $5 billion public subsidy of private health insurance industry; and the fallout from the Australia Day tent protest.

10:05 Art Historian Tim Marlow

Tim Marlow is a British art historian, writer, broadcaster and commentator. He discusses bringing the art of Leonardo Da Vinci to audiences around the world via a filmed guided tour of a major National Gallery exhibition of the artist's key works. The paintings themselves are too fragile to tour.

Leonardo Live

10:35 Book Review with Quentin Johnston

The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey
Published by Hamish Hamilton HB

10:45 Reading: Losing It by Sandy McKay (Part 8 of 10)

Francine dies and Jo makes a contract with herself.

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 Music with Marty Duda


Artist of the Week - Little River Band

1. It's A Long Way There (4:13) - Little River Band taken from 1975 album, Little River Band (Capitol)

2. Help Is On The Way (4:06) - Little River Band taken from 1976 album, Diamantina Cocktail (Capitol)

3. Reminiscing (4:13) - Little River Band taken from 1978 album, Sleeper Catcher (Capitol)

4. Cool Change (5:13) - Little River Band taken from 1979 album, First Under The Wire (Capitol)

11:20 Legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman

An issue in employment law relating to dismissal cases – what's known as "subsequently discovered evidence".

11:45 Science correspondent Simon Pollard

The evolution of humour.