09:05 Political party leader interview - Pita Sharples, Maori party co-leader

09:30 Residents of Brooklands in Christchurch will have to move after the Christchurch community is reclassified as "red zone"

Les Griffiths, resident of Brooklands for 51 years, whose children also live in the area; and Annette Buxton, Brooklands Residents' Association chair.

09:45 Pacific News correspondent Michael Field

10:05 Jeremy Cole - Lighting designer

New Zealand designer who began making delicate floral-inspired light fittings after being inspired by a visit to the Tate Modern gallery in London in 2004. His work sells for up to $60,000 and has been bought by Australian department store chain David Jones, Cadillac and jeweller Harry Winston.


Gallery: Lighting Design by Jeremy Cole

10:35 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

Not for Parents - London -Everything you Ever Wanted to Know
Lonely Planet
ISBN 9781742204994

Digging Up The Past by David Veart
Published by Auckland University Press
ISBN 9781869404659

D.E.S.I.G.N by Ewa Solarz ill Daniel and Aleksandra Mizielinski
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 978-1-877467-83-7

10:45 Reading: In the Land of the Dancing Kings by Paul Horan (Part 5 of 5)

South of Colombo is Galle. It is a world apart from most of the rest of Sri Lanka. It is also an area that was hit by the Boxing Day tsunami.

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 New Music with Chris Bourke

Chris reviews old music from Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys - the legendary unreleased pop album, Smile, finally out after 45 years - and new music from Bic Runga and Shelby Lynne.

Track: Heroes and Villains
Artist: The Beach Boys
Album: The SMiLE Sessions
Composer: Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks
Label: EMI
Video: http://youtu.be/ptxwWt2JeGQ

Track: Heaven's Only Days Down the Road
Artist: Shelby Lynne
Album: Revelation Road
Composer: Shelby Lynne
Label:  Everso/Southbound
Website: http://www.shelbylynne.com/

Track: Tiny Little Piece of My Heart
Artist: Bic Runga
Album: Belle
Composer: Bic Runga/Ruban Nielson/Kody Nielson
Label: Sony
Website: http://www.bicrunga.com/videos/

Track: This Girl is Prepared for War
Artist: Bic Runga
Album: Belle
Composer: Bic Runga/James Milne
Label: Sony

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Boock

A few issues that have raised their head in the world of sport lately, including suicide, alcohol and racism.

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Gemma Gracewood