09:05 Crime in Canterbury drops to a 16-year low

Dave Cliff, assistant commissioner of police (South) and former Christchurch District Commander.

09:25 Concern over lack of data collection on non-melanoma skin cancers

Professor Swee Tan is a plastic surgeon based at Hutt Hospital, where he is also the director of surgery.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

The Occupy Wall Street protests, President Barack Obama's campaign in republican districts, and American Amanda Knox is cleared of murdering her British roommate in Italy.

10:05 The Rise of Asia - is China's economic boom sustainable?

China's economic boom and America's political and economic paralysis have some predicting that the US is on the slide and that this will be the Chinese century — yet NZ is dependent in different ways on both, so what will it mean for us? Dr Dan Twining is a former Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator John McCain, and an expert on Asia's political and economic relationships. Dan is in NZ speaking about US policy and ongoing US engagement in the Asia Pacific - China's rise and the "return" of Asia, plus Asia's economic/political future and the implications for New Zealand.

Dan's blog: http://shadow.foreignpolicy.com

10:25 Book Review with Anne Buchanan

Autumn Laing by Alex Miller
Published by Allen & Unwin

10:45 Reading: A Mother's Love, by Noelle Nive

The story of a homeless woman helps a woman resolve her differences with her mother.

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

11:20 No Fuss Fitness

Anne is a young fitness specialist who suffered burnout, gained weight, battled with depression and fought her way back to health. Her book No-Fuss Fitness is published by Penguin NZ.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

The media's coverage of violence and Jonah Lomu's deal with the NZ Woman's Weekly.