09:05 Tens of thousands of owner occupier businesses affected by a Supreme Court tax ruling

John Shewan, chair of PricewaterhouseCoopers and former member of the Government's Tax Working Group; Carolyn Tremain, IRD Deputy Commissioner ; and Chris Kelly, Wellington Trust Lawyer.

09:25 The famine in the Horn of Africa

Amanda Koech, World Vision aid worker who lived through the 1984 famine and compares it to the current crisis afflicting the Horn of Africa region.

09:45 UK correspondent Ann Leslie

The tumultuous month of August.

10:05 Glen Green - Helping at-risk youth

Glen has recently resigned from his job as community constable in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill to work as a volunteer helping at-risk kids.

There's a Better Way - creating pathways for positive change

10:35 Book review with Crystal Beavis

New Zealand on the Move by Matthew Wright
Published by Random House NZ

10:45 Book Reading: The Angel's Cut by Elizabeth Knox

A 15 part series narrated by Jacob Rajan

The angel Xas returns in this sequel to the international bestseller, The Vintner’s Luck. Into a world of movie lots and speakeasies (L.A. 1929) comes Xas, stunt flier and wingless angel, still nursing his broken heart, and determined only to go on living in the air.

Listen again to this reading.

11:05 New Technology with Nat Torkington

Internet memes: the in-jokes and crazes that sweep the ultra-connected online world.

Links: Know Your Meme. LOLcats explained, Demotivational posters, the original cheeseburger, I has a flavor, Invisible harmonica, invisible bike, invisible accordian, lolcat grammar, Failblog, Diaper Fail, Advice Dog, Chemistry Cat, Psychology of Trolls, Star Wars Kid, Downfall meme, Hitler Reacts when his prediction of a Christchurch earthquake doesn't eventuate, Numa Numa meme, Numa Numa video, XKCD comic, earthquake prediction via Twitter.

11:30 Parenting - what to do if your child is the bully

Tricia Hendry is from Skylight, which helps young people and their families through the toughest times, such as family breakups and bereavements.

11:45 TV reviewer Simon Wilson

Underbelly and the two new prime-time NZ food shows: Sean Connolly's Under the Grill and Simon Gault's Chef on a Mission.