All schedules are subject to change due to coverage of the Christchurch earthquake.

Skylight: earthquake and aftershocks support information

09:05 How crucial is it to map faults before rebuilding Christchurch?

Kelvin Berryman, GNS Natural Hazards manager.

09:15 Difficulties finding new business premises in Christchurch

Simon Ironside, Associate at Eliot Sinclair, surveying and engineering firm in Christchurch which has had to find new premises; and Connal Townsend, Chief Executive of the Property Council of New Zealand, explains the challenge many businesses from Christchurch's central business district face as they desparately try to relocate to other parts of the city to keep their companies afloat.

09:30 NZ food science partnership to combat global malnutrition

Professor Paul Moughan, co-director of the Riddet Institute (a CoRE) which has partnered with Sir Ray Avery's company Medicine Mondiale to create a range of functional foods that improve global nutrition and reduce infant mortality rates.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Dr Kenneth Hillan

Dr Kenneth Hillan is the head of Roche Asia-Pacific Clinical Development and Product Development Strategy. Switzerland-headquartered Roche is the world's largest biotechnology company and the largest maker of cancer drugs.

10:30 Book Review with Maraea Rakuraku

Victoria Cross at Takrounda: The Haane Manahi Story by Paul Moon
Published by Huia Publishers

10:45 Reading: Treasure, a short story by Bernadette Hall.

11:05 New Technology correspondent Nat Torkington

The work carried out as part of the volunteer team that created the Christchurch Recovery Map. Also, quakes and computers, the iPad 2, anti-lasers, 3d printers in schools, and businesses vanishing overseas.

Christchurch Recovery Map: community informationLife from Apple iPad 2 event, antilasers, 3d Printing company, Reprap, MakerBot, Ponoko, ThingiVerse, NZ Tech Company Sells to US Partner.

11:30 How do you help your children understand the gravity of the Christchurch earthquake, without become too frightened or overwhelmed?

Ian Lambie, Associate Professor at the University of Auckland - Pychology answers your questions.

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11:45 TV Review with Simon Wilson

Simon reviews Marcus Lush's North and the start of Masterchef NZ.