Quake resources - a list of important numbers and links

09:05 Liaising with the relatives of quake victims

Inspector Mark Harrison, coordinator of the police family liaison office in Christchurch on the process of working with families whose relatives have been killed or are still missing.

09:20 Plans for housing in Christchurch

Phil Heatley, Minister of Housing. The Government is expected to announce plans for temporary modular housing and has been looking at placing them on partly developed sub-divisions around Christchurch

09:30 News

09:35 Tenants' rights after the earthquake

Helen Gatonyi, Manager of the Christchurch Tenants Protection Association, whose own office was destroyed in the quake.

09:45 House to house checks in Christchurch

Ross Gordon, Planning Intel manager for Search and Rescue, who is leading a team doing house to house checks in Christchurch suburbs over the weekend.

09:50 Fundraising and welfare efforts for quake victims

David Neal, Red Cross Regional Director on how people outside of Christchurch can help in the aftermath of the quake and the situation on the ground.

10:05 Andrew Holden, editor of the Christchurch Press newspaper

The newspaper's building in Cathedral Square was severely damaged in the quake, and one staff member was killed.


10:25 Aranui family living in a shed

Antonio Filimoehala, 20-year-old man whose mother, father and two siblings are living in the shed of their Aranui home since the quake struck.

10:32 News

10:35 Live news conference

10:45 Damage to schools in Christchurch

Denise Torrey, president of the Canterbury Primary Principals Association and the Principal of Somerfield School.

11:05 Redcliffs evacuation

Frank O'Connor, Redcliffs resident. Up to 60 properties in the Redcliffs area are being evacuated due to concerns about the stability of a cliff face.

11:13 Update on schools in Christchurch

Anne Tolley, Minister of Education who is touring quake-damaged schools in Christchurch today.


11:25 Funeral planning for earthquake victims

Simon Manning, Wellington funeral director who is part of the funeral industry's disaster response team, which is mobilising in Christchurch.

11:30 News

11:32 Skylight Trust counselling services

Tricia Irving-Hendry, Deputy Chief Executive of the Skylight Trust.

Earthquake Crisis Phone Counselling telephone number for those directly impacted by the Christchurch earthquake: 0800 299 100.

11:50 The future for quake-hit businesses

Cass Booth, wwner of an organic bakery in Sydenham, who wants to do a Support Christchurch Business Campaign. The Government will announce an interim recovery package for Canterbury later today.

11:55 Volunteer army gears up for another week

Sam Johnson, Canterbury University student and co-ordinator of a volunteer army in Christchurch.