09:05 Jump in illegally modified vehicles stopped by police

Inspector Mark Stables, Police National Advisor Crash Investigations; and Tony Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association.

New figures show a big jump in the number of illegally modified vehicles infringement notices issued by police, up by more than a third in the last three years. An illegally modified car was linked to the death of Christchurch four-year-old Nayan Woods as he walked on a footpath earlier this year.

Modified cars need normal warrant of fitness, then further certification from LVVTA.

09:20 The benefits of year-round daylight saving

Dr Mayer Hillman, a Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Policy Studies Institute. A new study published in the British Medical Journal argues that keeping clocks an hour forward all the time, is better for our health and the environment.


09:30 Taipa Bay protest - Northland

Lois Williams, Radio New Zealand reporter.

Police have removed protesters who have been occupying a Far North council reserve at Taipa Point. Ngati Kahu claims the land has ended in council and private ownership through unlawful acts by the Crown.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Inspirational gardens

Kristin Lammerting, author of Inspirational Gardens of New Zealand.

Kristin Lammerting gallery.

Kristin Lammerting in her English style Garden in Central Cologne, Germany.
Kristin Lammerting in her English style Garden in Central Cologne, Germany.

Kristin Lammerting's garden.

Kristin Lammerting's New Zealand business Palmco.

Inspirational Gardens of New Zealand
Published by Penguin
ISBN 9780670074785

10:30 Book Review with Laura Kroetsch

Gifted by Patrick Evans
Published by Victoria University Press

10:45 Reading: Heart of Darfur by Lisa French Blaker

Auckland nurse, Lisa Blaker recalls her her experiences in Western Sudan on assignment with the humanitarian organisation Medicins San Frontiere. (Part 12 of 12)

11:05 Music review with Marty Duda

Artist of the Week: Paul McCartney & Wings

1. Tomorrow (3:27) - Wings taken from 1971 album "Wild Life" (Capitol)

2. Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) (5:52) - Paul McCartney & Wings taken from 1973 album "Band On The Run" (Capitol)

3. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five (5:29) - Paul McCartney & Wings taken from 1973 album "Band On The Run" (Capitol)

4. Getting Closer (3:23) - Wings taken from 1979 album "Back To The Egg" (Capitol)

11:30 Neurosurgery in the South Island

The Acting Director-General of Health, Andrew Bridgman, will release his decision on the structure of the South Island Neurosurgery Services at 11:30am.

Richard Thomson, Southern DHB board member.

11:35 Legal commentator Catriona MacLennan

The case of two barristers taking legal action to halt the Legal Services Agency's implementation of a new policy that defendants in lower-level criminal cases will no longer be able to choose their lawyers.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

John Parker, a ceramist who has recently joined the ranks of New Zealand's Art Laureates.

See images of John Parker's work.

Ceramics by John Parker
Ceramics by John Parker. Images from the Milford Gallery and Avid Gallery websites.