09:05 South Canterbury Finance

Rod Oram, Nine to Noon's business commentator.

09:25 33 people struck down a mine in Chile

Brant Webb, one of the two miners trapped underground for 14 days in Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 2006.

09:30 South Canterbury Finance - announcement to NZX

Patrick O'Meara, Radio NZ business editor.

09:40 US correspondent Jack Hitt

09:45 South Canterbury Finance

10:05 Joe Bageant - author and social commentator on US heartland

The author of Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir, about social class in America and explores the birth of a modern Redneck underclass. Joe Bageant is also the author of Deer Hunting with Jesus, about the politics of class in America.

Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir by Joe Bageant
Published by Scribe

10:30 Book Review with Gina Faafoi

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Forde
Published by Century

10:45 Reading.

A Tale Of Two Cities, a short story by Stephanie Johnson

A contemporary story about a young married couple who struggle to find meaning and satisfaction in their comfortable lives.

11:05 Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram

Further analysis on the South Canterbury Finance announcement.

11:20 Kip Chapman - actor and playwright

Kip Chapman co-wrote the hit interactive stage show Apollo 13, which is getting international attention - and his new play, Songs for Guy, which addresses the dearth of gay-themed love songs.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

The state of magazine market.