09:05 Government moves closer to allowing schools to be built under public private partnerships. We look at how this has worked in the UK and Ireland, which introduced PPP schools in the past decade.

Willie Ruane, former president of the association of secondary teachers Ireland and principal of St Attractas Community School in West Ireland; Alex Kenny, from the East London teachers association and a teacher at a London school built under a private scheme.

09:30 Art and science - how do they cross over?

Megan Dowie, Neuroscientist at Auckland University's centre for brain research and Erin Forsyth, artist and curator and founder of The Busy Nice art management company, who devised the Do You Mind exhibition.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

10:05 Ron Palenski

Veteran sportswriter, and journalist and now historian Ron Palenski on 40 his books about New Zealanders on the sports field, and the battlefields of war.

10:30 Book Review with Anne Buchanan

In the Company of Angels by Thomas E. Kennedy
Published by Bloomsbury

10:45 Reading.

Malcolm and Juliet by Bernard Beckett

16-year-old Malcolm is determined to win first prize at the National Secondary School's Science Fair. He's decided to film a documentary on sex. (part 1 of 15)

11:05 Political commentators Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooton

Spiced_Leg_of_Lamb_resized11:30 Guest chef Connie Clarkson, and wine commentator John Hawkesby

Spiced Leg of Lamb
Cherry Apple Pie

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey - television, choice and paradox

The Economist, struggling for control
New York Times, defiantly, panasonic pushes a vast catalog

The paradox of choice