09:05 The "Waihopai Three" legal defence

Auckland barrister John Billington and Jonathan Krebs convenor of the New Zealand Law Society's criminal law subcommittee talk about abolishing the "Waihopai Three" legal defence.

09:20 Te Papa purchase of Painting

Te Papa has purchased the 1785 painting of Poetua, daughter of Oreo, chief of Ulaietea, one of the Society Isles, by John Webber (1751-1793) for 1.12 million euros. The acting CEO of Te Papa, Michelle Hippolite, joins us to discuss the purchase.

9:45 UK Correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Feature Guest - Dr Semisi Ma'ia'i

Dr Semisi Ma'ia'i is a retired GP who has spent 40 years painstakingly compiling a Samoan dictionary - the first Samoan to do that.

He tells us why he's so passionate about keeping his native tongue alive, and why he's joined a group of high-profile New Zealanders calling on the Government to reform alcohol laws.

10:25 Book Review - No Time to Wave Goodbye

Rae McGregor reviews No Time to Wave Goodbye by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Published by Random House USA.

10:45 Book Reading

Sensible Sinning by Bernard Brown
Incidents and personalities from Bernard Brown's long career in law. (Part 11 of 11).

11:05 New Technology with Nigel Horrocks

The day a robot teacher came to a classroom
New York Times article about robots in education
Pew Institute survey on online relationships

11:30 Simon Rowley on Parenting

Auckland City Hospital paediatrician answers some common concerns parents have about their childrens health. Today Simon discusses autistic spectrum disorders and the role modern media might play. Is the condition being 'unmasked ' in susceptible individuals by the fact that preschoolers ofter spend important developmental time watching a screen rather than playing in real time and learning about relationships.

11:45 Film review with Graeme Tuckett

Best of the New Zealand Film Festival