09:05 An MP has raised fears that the police are coercing young Maori into handing over DNA samples when no crime has been committed.

Graeme Newell, Auckland criminal lawyer.

09:20 US tobacco whistleblower

Dr Jeffrey Wigand was the head of research at Brown & Williamson, a unit of British American Tobacco in the US. He was hired to work on developing a "safer" cigarette, but was sacked 1993 and has since been a key witness in US anti-tobacco litigation. He now runs Smoke-Free Kids Inc., a foundation that puts on educational programmes in schools.

09:45 USA correspondent Luiza Savage

Luiza discusses Barack Obama pressing G20 countries for more stimulus spending, the latest on the BP oil spill and Niki Haley.

10:05 Anirvddh Patel and John Iversen - Neuroscience of music

John Iversen and Aniruddh Patel are researchers at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, who are behind groundbreaking studies on the biology of how humans make and process music. How did a bird called Snowball, who dances to the Backstreet Boys, change what we know about humans' deep connection to music?

10:30 Book Review with Carole Beu

Private Life by Jane Smiley
Published by Faber

10:45 Reading: Letter To My Family written and read by Farah Omar

The second of 5 tales in the series A Thousand Strangers: Stories From The Heart by young refugees.

11:05 Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram

Allan Hubbard and the Guinness Peat Group spin-off.

11:30 Alcoholics Anonymous' 75th anniversary

Ian Hastings, AA spokesperson who was in the police for 33 years, has been involved in the education organisation FADE for many years, and has a personal connection with AA; and Val, a recovering alcoholic.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Crowd-sourcing and citizen journalism: do they have a future?