09:05 UK gun rampage

Billy Boakes, eyewitness to Cumbria shooting.

09:20 Singapore's experience regulating biomedical research

Dr Terry Kaan, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore's Law Faculty and inaugural member of the Singapore National Medical Ethics Committee which advised the Minister for Health on emerging ethical, legal and social issues in the practice of medicine.

Dr Kaan will give a public presentation on Thursday 3 June 2010, 5:15 - 6:15 pm, meeting room 12.18, Bowen House, corner of Lambton Quay and
Bowen Street, Wellington. Contact: Alwyn Black 04 471 9197 or Richman
Wee 021 623 622.

09:30 Badly behaved kids in cafes

Belinda Wotton, owner of The Peppermill Delicatessen, Porirua; and Steve Gianoustos, founder of Mojo Coffee.

09:45 UK corresponent Michael White

10:05 Insight into life off the national grid

Robert Long moved to South Westland, two days walk from Haast in 1980, after dropping out of medical school. He's an artist, carver and custodian of DOC's Gorge River hut, and now an author.

A Life on Gorge River- NZ's remotest family
Published by Random House

The view from Robert Long's home.
The view from Robert Long's home.

10:30 Book Review with Emma Hart

Home by Alison Parr
Published by Penguin NZ

10:45 Reading: The Life and Death of Laura Friday (And of Pavarotti, Her Parrot) a black comedy by David Murphy

(Part 4 of 12, RNZ)

11:05 New Technology with Nigel Horrocks

Nigel looks at how the internet is challenging the control of PR companies and whether community co-op papers are the next big thing.

Phony BP Twitter feed
Bay Citizen paper
Republican site asking for policy ideas

11:30 Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel Latta

Dealing with pessimistic children.

11:45 TV Reviewer Simon Wilson

50 years of TVNZ and the final of Lost.