09:05 Concerns over ITO governance and spending

Trish Neal, Chair, Home Health Association

09:20 Wellington Hospital

Capital and Coast Health has launched an investigation into the failure of a back up generator in last Thursday's city-wide blackout, that left operating theatres unable to use some vital equipment.

Peter Hicks, Clinical Executive Director, Wellington Hospital.

09:30 Posh comedian

Miles Jupp, Britain's `posh comic'.

09:45 Asia correspondent Phil O'Sullivan

10:05 Richard Stengel - Life and Leadership

Richard Stengel is Time magazine's 16th editor, whose latest book presents life and leadership lessons from his good friend, the former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela's Way: Fifteen Lessons On Life, Love, And Courage by Richard Stengel
ISBN: 9780307460684

10:30 Book Review with Don Rood

Shear Hard Work: A History of New Zealand Shearing by Hazel Riseborough
Published by Auckland University Press

10:45 Reading: How to Make Your First Billion, by Matthew Solon

A fictionalised insight into Silicon Valley, the home of the global communications revolution (Part 10 of 10, BBC/Goldhawk)

11:05 New Music with Sean McKenna

Artist: Paul Weller
Album: Wake Up The Nation
Song: Wake Up The Nation
Video: Wake Up The Nation

Artist: Plan B
Album: The Defamation of Strickland Banks
Song: She Said
Video: She Said

Artist: Gotan Project
Album: Tango 3.0
Song: La Gloria
Video: La Gloria

Artist: Burt Bacharach
Album: The Look of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection (2CD version)
Song: Sandie Shaw - (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me
Video: Lou Johnson - (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me (original version -1964) .

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New Zealand Music Month Highlights (pdf)

New Zealand Music Month Additional Highlights (pdf)


11:30 Sports commentator Richard Boock discusses how the IPL almost brings down Indian government and where the blame lies with the disgraced Storm rugby league club

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Pinky Agnew