09:05 Iroquois crash

Harry Stevenson, Westpac Rescue Helicopter pilot who discovered the crash site; and Air Vice Marshall Robin Klitscher, former Deputy Chief of the RNZAF and is one of NZ's most experienced Iroquois pilots, having flown in Vietnam. He's the President of the RSA and is in Turkey for ANZAC commemorations.

09:20 iPods and hearing loss

Blaring iPods are causing serious hearing loss in young people of the kind typically found in the elderly. This week is Hearing Week, and the Audiological Society says hearing impairment in people in their 20s and 30s is becoming much more common.

Leslie Hindmarsh, President, NZ Audiologist Society.



09:30 Future of Technology

Howard Charney, a senior Vice President at Cisco Systems, a US communications and technology company, who has more than 30 years experience in Silicon Valley, founding two successful companies there.

He discusses the potential for technology to transform things like government, healthcare, and transport and why innovation in the internet sector is far from over.

09:45 Middle East correspondent Irris Makler

10:05 Diane Connell - author

New Zealand born writer whose first novel has earned her a two book deal with UK publishers, and a possible film deal.

Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar by D J Connell
Published by Blue Door

10:25 Book Review with David Hill

Every Day in Tuscany by Frances Mayes
Published by Bantam Australia

10:45 Reading: How to Make Your First Billion, by Matthew Solon

A fictionalised insight into Silicon Valley, the home of the global communications revolution (Part 6 of 10, BBC/Goldhawk)

11:05 Politics with Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten

11:30 Guest Chef Connie Clarkson, Gourmet editor and wine commentator John Hawkesby

Featured recipes: Miso Eggplant + Shanghainese Braised Shrimp with Noodles

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey discusses art, architecture and attribution